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2019 Nov 26 ~ Dec 03

“There’s no such thing as race and there is definitely no such thing as IQ.
But if there were such a thing as IQ, we can rest assured that yours would be quite low.” 5.335 palabras más

2019 Nov 20 ~ 25

“PS: Someone reached out and asked for an example of how you can respond to someone if you don’t have the space to support them. 5.576 palabras más

2019 Nov 14 ~ 19

““A…group of housing activists argue that we are consuming too much and have to change our evil ways. Of course, very few of these individuals are badly housed.”” 5.553 palabras más

Luahan Faizal Hussein

PELAKON senior Faizal Hussein luahkan rasa sedih apabila namanya sering digugurkan daripada projek drama dan filem gara-gara bayaran yang dimintanya disifatkan terlalu tinggi oleh kebanyakan penerbit tempatan. 396 palabras más


2019 Sep 21 ~ 29

“It’s funny that we know the philosopher Aristocles by Plato, which was his wrestling nickname.

Imagine 2,500 years from now the writings of Triple H were taught and debated, were praised for their literary excellence, and were the core of an esoteric mystical tradition.” 5.736 palabras más


Society as we know it today is not as it used to be five years ago. You see what worked five years ago cannot work today and what works today may not work five or so years to come. 497 palabras más


The Devil in awe of the discrepancy between Mother Theresa's image and her actual behaviour

At a press conference yesterday, The Devil revealed which person in the whole of human history he most admired.

The shocking answer: Mother Theresa.

The surprise felt by everybody listening was only strengthened the more he explained his choice. 200 palabras más