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"Throne's Lament" (*لبّيك يا حسين)

My grandfather was not but a stump, but for him I’ve naught but jealousy,

for upon him stood the blessed feet of he who was sent, all worlds’ mercy. 161 palabras más


I'm Not Shia & Imam Hussain Inspires Me

Every year for the first ten days of Muharram I take the time to remember the martyrdom of Imam Hussain. I don’t participate in self-flagellation or any of the practices that have their roots in culture rather than in religion. 396 palabras más


Honour Among Thieves (Jeffrey Archer)

While the Clinton Administration grapples with its domestic policies, a sinister plot is being masterminded six thousand miles away in Baghdad. By using $100 million as bait and spinning a deadly web of corruption, forgery, and terror, Saddam Hussein seeks to embarrass the U.S. 34 palabras más


A Prisoner of Birth (Jeffrey Archer)

If Danny Cartwright had proposed to Beth Wilson the day before, or the day after, he would not have been arrested and charged with the murder of his best friend. 106 palabras más


Geopolitics is only a Fancy Shmancy Word for Tribalism

During the Cold War many intellectuals and even honest leaders like Margarete Thatcher believed East (E) and West (W) were fighting over Socialism or freedom. With Gorbachev and his diplomatic genius the ice appeared to melt, the Berlin Wall came down, a future of freedom and prosperity was awaiting Eastern Europe. 527 palabras más

War & Terror

Soraya Khashoggi, a tragic destiny

When Saudi businessman Adnan Khashoggi died in June, close to his 82nd birthday, his family released a short statement, saying he had “died peacefully, surrounded by his family”. 725 palabras más

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