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Trump Falls into the Geopolitical Trap Laid by the UK in Syria

The missile attack carried out against Syria on April 14 by U.S., British and French forces, in retaliation for alleged use by the Syrian government of chlorine gas in Douma, had little… 572 palabras más


2018 Feb 09 ~ 20

“It should be noted that all great societies in history attempted to model themselves after Sparta in some respect, whereas those that modelled themselves after Athenes turned out gay as fuck” 5.482 palabras más

2018 Feb 03 ~ 08

“The US should have no secrets, they shouldn’t have anything to hide if they’re innocent”

“the number 1 biggest sign you’re living in an oppressive fascist dictatorship is when you can publically shout to thousands of followers about how you want foreign armies to overthrow your political system and not even be asked about it by law enforcement… 5.288 palabras más

2018 Jan 25 ~ Feb 02

>The Doomsday Clock just ticked closer to midnight
>Scientists moved the hands of the symbolic “Doomsday Clock” closer to midnight on Thusday amidst increasing worries over… 6.250 palabras más

Constrained Government Returns

2017 was a very good year. Despite what the Fake News Media and the leftist democrats had predicted. It was a good year not only for myself, but for America. 1.098 palabras más


2017 Dec 27 ~ 2018 Jan 05

“Story begins when an event, either by human decision or accident in the universe, radically upsets the balance of forces in the protagonist’s life, arousing in that character the need to restore the balance of life. 5.208 palabras más

Douchebag on Twitter is so Confused

Written By: Gary Kirkland

Ok I ran across this douchebag with the terminal disease of Liberalism! Man oh man does this person need an education and I have decided to give it to them. 140 palabras más