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I love collecting Seung’s quotes ‘cuz I think quotes can show the hidden side of him. I used to keep this for myself but now I want to share. 212 palabras más

Hyunseung apologises

Article: Jang Hyunseung, A 469-day late apology just like his song

Source: Sports Chosun via Naver

1. [+3303, -66] He released an album so he needed to earn money tsk tsk… 417 palabras más


Jang Hyunseung to Release Digital Single 'HOME'

Jang Hyunseung will be releasing a digital single later this month titled “HOME.”

Cube Entertainment has released a dark teaser image for the release, depicting him standing alone on the street. 9 palabras más


3 Sub-group K-pop yang Sukses

Hai guys mian ni Justikki udah lama ga update. Ok kali ini Justikki mau ngebahas 3 Sub Group yang kesuksesannya melebihi dari group aslinya. Kalian tau kan sub-group ini hanyalah project yang dibuat disela- sela promosi group asli mereka, tapi nyangka ga sih project yang hanya dibuat dari group asli malah lebih sukses dari group aslinya. 471 palabras más