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Creativity, Inc. - In Review

I love to read, and now that I’ve recommitted to reading with the help of book app Goodreads I’m well on my way to this years lofty goal of 50 books in 2018. 834 palabras más


Loving Vincent

I first found out about the film in a newspaper. Upon reading the article I ripped out the page with excitement! “We’re going to this!” I shouted to my sister in the other room. 184 palabras más

Give Me The Pen

Where to Eat, Drink, and Be Merry in Florence

During my month in Florence, I found myself eating out at least once a day, everyday. I know, I know, it’s totally unhealthy and it sucked my money up. 861 palabras más

Top 10 Favorite Mainstream Artists

As a kid I Growing up in the late 80’s and 90’s my family was a Christian Music only family. Sometime before I was born my parents chose to forgo listening to mainstream artists that they previously liked such as Neil Diamond and The Eagles. 1.192 palabras más

10 Must-See Movies Over 50 Years Old

These are in no particular order, but I highly recommend each of the following ten movies that have been around longer than fifty years. You may scoff, but I promise you there are great treasures from the past either never seen by current generations, or in need of revisiting. 433 palabras más


I Recommend: 2 Albums & 1 Movie

Happy 2018! Yes, the year is still young, but there are already two albums that I would highly recommend to all you music fans. Also, for any fans of musical movies, one recommendation is also a movie definitely worth seeing. 469 palabras más

Music You Should Hear

Published Work

It has finally occurred to me to post links to my work published elsewhere on the Web. I hope to keep this as a live blog post, updating it as and when the time arrives. 239 palabras más

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