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What Has It Got in Its Pocket? "The Minitiarist" that's what.

The most meaningful stories can often appear in the smallest packages. And that’s very true of this story.

Haunting and gripping, this young woman’s story of growth and coming into ones own is set against a backdrop of magic, mystery and uncertainty that all culminate in the exposure of secrets and a test of bonds of loyalty and family.

I Recommend

For the Love of Grammar: Giveaway

When Joseph Brodsky gave a commencement speech at the Dartmouth University, he outlined 6 essentials for living a wholesome life. While most commencement speeches stress on courage, action, kindness and even drive graduates towards using their failures well (see J. 853 palabras más


What Has It Got In Its Pocket? "Wonder", that's what.

August isn’t ordinary, and he knows it. And if that wasn’t bad enough, he’s about to go to school for the first time in his life. 132 palabras más

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I Recommend . . . The Good, the Bad, the Weird 

Have you ever seen a trailer for a movie and you knew instantly that it was a must see? Then, did this trailer neglect to tell you anything about the release date, sending you to the internet to try and find more information, only to be a little more confused about its status? 387 palabras más

I Recommend . . .

22nd Trumpet Student---Back to the Basics in Order to Jump Ahead

Grandma knows best—that’s why she sent me an email on 10 November 2014, about starting trumpet lessons with her grandson, a freshman in the band at Shorewood High School in Shoreline, WA, just north of Seattle. 175 palabras más


Definitely putting Kinsella’s number on speed dial

Author: Sophia Kinsella
Release Date: 2012
Publisher: Dell
Pages: 448
Rating: 11/5 stars


I’ve lost it. :( The only thing in the world I wasn’t supposed to lose. 732 palabras más

Sophie Kinsella

My Top Ten - WORST of Dubai

It’s only fair – If I tell you what I LOVED doing in Dubai for the year and half I lived here, I also tell you what I should have AVOIDED. 627 palabras más