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I Recommend . . . The Big Over Easy

It was a normal day many years ago when I walked into the, now defunct, local Borders store. I wasn’t really looking for a particular genre, but a title caught my eye. 354 palabras más

William Harrison

Clear Start Review

Last week I was sent a skincare product to review for Maximum POP! and I thought I would do an additional review here, since I may as well make the most of what I can say about the products. 207 palabras más


Cold Shoulder Results in Cold Shoulders

When the Obama administration decided to freeze out the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu upon his arrival to address both houses of Congress in early March, another chilly reception seemed to form for America’s  NorthEast.   195 palabras más

SUNDAY POST: Try to Be Wise and Know Your Limitation

How was this morning?

Did you feel so dizzy like someone hit your head over and over? Or were you about to throw up very hard like you just got on jet coaster for many times? 312 palabras más


Author interview: Whitney Barbetti, author of "Ten Below Zero"

Hello, my dear friends! Today, 14 February 2015, Valentine’s Day, I have a small surprise for you!

I have arranged an interview with the author Whitney Barbetti, the one that wrote  765 palabras más

I Recommend


Soon, I will write a few recommendations here (e.g. book reviews) …

Please be patient : )


SUNDAY POST: Do you really enjoy travelling?

We’re all on social media.

We’re all checking our phones and tablets, seeing what’s going on in the cyber world, adding our comments and likes to the Facebooks, the Twitters, the Instagrams, the Paths, the Foursquares, and the TripAdvisors of the world. 1.034 palabras más