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Comic Roundup // November 3, 2015

Wolf by Ales Kot: This one came pretty highly recommended, I’m not in love (yet), but I like it enough to keep on going.

The crime noir thrills and characters reminiscent of True Detective meet with mythical stakes worthy of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman in this original fantasy/horror/crime saga for mature readers. 627 palabras más


Review // The Ice Twins by S.K. Tremayne

“Mummy Mummy come quickly, Lydie-lo has fallen. Again, it strikes me, with painful force, how those words are, really, the only evidence we have for believing it was Lydia that died, not Kirstie. 426 palabras más


Jamie Oliver's TED Talk

Seriously, this is something to watch! It nearly brainwashed (in a good way!) me in 20 minutes! His talk is fast and simple with good explanations and is full of important information on food that is bad for us and food that isn’t… Jamie talks about the fact that we can make a difference in the world by teaching kids how to cook, the benefits of foods and eating fresh… A lot of families don’t take the time to cook anymore, they buy food all prepared and unfortunately all processed foods.   20 palabras más

I Recommend...

Spears Paleo Cafe / Evergreen Cafe Windsor NSW


PALEO OR not, the choice is yours.

This cafe is quickly becoming my new local fave.

A genuine little gem is nestled in the courtyard of the Deerubbin Centre at Windsor (300 George St) NSW. 590 palabras más

Daily Mumblings

I Would Like to Recommend The Podcasts I Love Most

Full Disclosure: I didn’t actually see Frozen, but I’m pretty sure I get the gist as it was rammed down everyone’s throat for quite some time, so I’m pretty sure I understand the premise of ‘Let It Go’. 786 palabras más

Superfoods by David wolfe

Recently, i went to the ”Canfitpro world fitness expo” in Toronto and David Wolfe was there as a presenter.  Remember  I told you i watched ”Hungry for change” well, he was in that movie.   302 palabras más

I Recommend...