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Ranking Needtobreathe

I realized the other day that Needtobreathe is one of the only of my all time favorite bands that is still actively making music. So I figured it was time to inspect their discography and identify my favorites up to this point in their career. 558 palabras más

What I’ve Seen in 2018: Movie Edition

Without overstating or trying to sound arrogant about it, I must declare something…I am a movie buff. Not the pretentious type that only watches independently released French Movies, but a movie buff that enjoys the movie theatre experience, enjoys talking/debating them, and reviewing them. 619 palabras más

I Recommend

A Seagull & April Showers

So today a seagull dropped a nice juicy poo on my shoulder, which would be more amazing if I was inside a building and not at the beach…but I digress. 291 palabras más


VLOG: Crystals + Shakti Mat

Hey gals,

This is a few days late cause I’ve been fluffing around trying out a vlog to go alongside these blogs…and well here’s my first attempt! 381 palabras más


Your Melbourne Weekend Itinerary: Signed, Sealed, and Delivered

Maybe I’m a tad biased, but I reckon Melbourne is the best city in the world. We’ve got it all: beaches, mountains, a beautiful city, amazing food, an awesome art and music scene, and tons of festivals and events to fill your weekends with. 1.465 palabras más

1st Quarter of 2018 Music Favorites

So here are my four favorite albums of the first quarter of 2018. All of them worshipful, but unique in their own way. I’ll give just a few thoughts on each below. 304 palabras más

Christian Music

New Way To Be Human

Here’s to one of Switchfoot’s albums New Way To Be Human, which turned 19 years old yesterday. Here’s my track by track look back at my second favorite album from a long time favorite band…(to see my full ranking of their albums click here… 384 palabras más