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A Human Race (Unplugged)

Here isa demo of a new song I wrote. It’s should be the future…2020 Instead we are in troubled times. I hope we make it through. 121 palabras más


May love prevail.

This morning, as I walked through downtown to catch the trolley, I observed something near my feet.

I saw litter. I saw a raised fist. I saw the large words: ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE. 10 palabras más


Back in february I made a post on how I was learning dart and python. I’ve made some personal projects from a simple tic tac toe to a personal asistant, a program to meassure the flow state and webscraping for getting stock marcket shares with one click. 383 palabras más


How to Hug During a Pandemic

Of the many things we miss from our pre-pandemic lives, hugging may top the list. We asked scientists who study airborne viruses to teach us the safest way to hug. 1.259 palabras más


"Men from the Sky might fall..."

A riff on Lucretius.  You’ll see why when Nichole 5 shows up.

This again slightly longer installment marks the end of Part 3 of the MS for “Empress’ Crusade.”  I want to wrap the whole thing up in no more than 40-60 more pages.  2.496 palabras más


May update

It’s hard to believe we are into yet another month! This year is rushing by, and yet it’s a year when most of us haven’t been anywhere or achieved very much. 200 palabras más


Establishing an intention

A useful exercise.

Something I would consider worth doing is establishing an intention behind your actions. There are many things that we do in our day to day life without putting much thought into it and so when others perceive your actions in a certain way, you may find yourself wanting to change your intention in order to receive the desired response. 219 palabras más