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Business models in B-School career services

Most top business schools breed their students for a career in consulting or financial services (which is slowly being displaced by high tech and entrepreneurial opportunities). 36 palabras más


El Método del Caso en el IESE. Una Sesión con Eduard Calvo. Ceus Alumni

El pasado 4 de mayo, en el edificio del Campus Norte del IESE Business School, pudimos disfrutar de la discusión de un caso de negocio de la mano del profesor… 654 palabras más


Teaching with Creative Indifference (or Impartiality)

Creative Indifference

A good gardener creates the conditions for growth of a garden, but cannot force the flowers to grow in an exact way.  The good gardener creates the conditions and accepts what arises. 240 palabras más


Leadership Through the Eyes of CEOs

What defines a leader? How can a CEO inspire the best in others? Is there a price to be paid for taking on the role? Some of the world’s top CEOs share their insights on the challenges of leadership in a complex world.

Academic & Professional Development

The New Challenges of the Media Industry

Two big concepts are set to shake up the media industry over the next few years. “Net neutrality” and “over the top” consumption of content will be dominant forces affecting the sector, according to members of the IESE U.S. 13 palabras más