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Blood Type Population Numbers In North America ONLY


O+ 14.2 Million

A+ 13.1 Million

B+ 2.8 Million

AB+ 915,678 Thousand

O- 2.5 Million

A- 2.2 Million

B- 512,779 Thousand

AB- 183,135 Thousand… 284 palabras más


Birth of the Illuminati Conspiracy

Conspiracy theories of a secretive power elite seeking global domination have long held a place in the modern imagination. Mike Jay explores the idea’s beginnings in the writings of John Robison, a Scottish scientist who maintained that the French revolution was the work of a covert Masonic cell known as the Illuminati. 2.947 palabras más


Psychic Channelling Is Mind Control

External psychic channelling is when the person hears voices coming out the walls and ceiling in any building whether it’s a house or a commercial building. 274 palabras más


The truthful answer to that, is no, there will be no arrests of Luciferians, Illuminatists, or the Deep State. This is totally twisted. If anything…they will succeed as they have been doing according to plan, and steam roll any opposition, including Trump, and replace him by popular demand with a return of the Muslim. 

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The House Of Schiff

THE RICHEST FAMILY IN AMERICA YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF: (well okay, many internet friends probably have) This video is about the HOUSE OF SCHIFF, the family history, and how they attained their wealth. 27 palabras más


unseen currents

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Conspiracy Chickens Roosting

Conspiracy definition: “the act of conspiring together” 

The Coronavirus crisis has been fertile ground for the conspiracy theorists among us. Yesterday 260 people died from the virus in the UK, but some people still refuse to take it seriously. 967 palabras más