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Licores Bocamina

🇪🇸 En el pueblo de La Unión (Región de Murcia) se fabrica un licor de los sabores autóctonos por excelencia: el café asiático y el paparajote. 47 palabras más


The Day I Became A Bird by Ingrid Chabbert, Guridi

Ahh! First love.

Ingrid Chabbert tells a sweet story of a boy who falls in love with a girl called Sylvia, a girl who loves birds. 191 palabras más

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Ansfork the Imaginary Monster

If there’s one thing that is consistent throughout the many universes that exist it is that unemployment offices are about the most heinous places ever to exist. 1.273 palabras más

Comic as avatar

Can’t wait to share my progress of Chi-Gong learning here. On the last year winter solstice day, I woke up in the very early morning and went to bathroom, when I laid in bed again, I suddenly found I have no breath from my my nose, and my lung seemed stopped working. 182 palabras más