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Here is today’s plant drawing! It is a nymphea flower (Nymphaeaceae).

The weekend was not very productive, but I did a little doodle here and there just to keep the challenge going. 33 palabras más


One more before everything comes together...

I’m not sure if I’ve done any painting quite as relaxing to do as these goldfish. I’m feeling ready to move on to the next project, but I’m going to miss them!


Playlists are Important

Because every single playlist I’ve created chronicled a somewhat important moment in my life and every song I chose to go into a playlist was there for a reason. 233 palabras más


sombra na rampa

2008, Sombra da Lua na rampa do Mercado Modelo, Σωτήρπόλις, bico-de-pena e pincel com nanquim sobre caderno de esboços Hahnemühle, 21 x 29,7cm + cores numéricas no Gimp. 23 palabras más


Fantasy Self Portrait Study

To continue my study in bringing more realism into my work, I’ve created a fantasy self portrait. Since there is a deviation in the color and shading from the Manga Studio image and the finished image, the actual shading appears darker and the contrasting colors of blue in the shading and orange in the highlights (especially in image 6) does not show up. 36 palabras más


Duke of Oleo

marker and “plastic wrap” filter

marker and “plastic wrap” filter