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Soosan Perry Design Logo

This is a logo I created for myself. My graphic design business is called Soosan Perry Graphic Design, and I make logos for businesses, such as Moon Princess Products, J & J Animal Products, and TJ Photography. 23 palabras más


Digital Printing

Digital Printing is a great way to combine all your initial sketches and media experimentation together to create something outstanding. Throughout this process I scanned in my sketches and photographed every media background in my sketchbook. 174 palabras más

Mesh Objects in Illustrator - Tutorial

This week’s tutorial –

Our poll closed with and most people answered, “both these movies suck”, with the other 3 people answering “Other”.

Here’s what I was planning with the potential victors: 564 palabras más


Vivian Le Creates Images To Express Herself And Communicate With others.

Introduce yourself

Hi, I am a little extraterrestrial from an unidentified planet masquerading as a human named Vivian. I like art. I have yet to learn the weird ways of your people so please excuse my awkwardness. 1.228 palabras más

Plate logo


That is a plate logo. We provide good  logo at low cost.We are creating logos by skilled designers.

What you will receive for $10: 75 palabras más


Kelebihan dan Kekurangan Adobe illustrator

Apakah kamu saat ini sedang ingin menekuni dunia desain grafis? Namun bingung, untuk menentukan software desain grafis mana yang paling pas buatmu? Berikut ini akan kami ulas secara mendetil perbedaan, kelebihan, serta kekurangan dari dua software desain grafis terbaik dan terpopuler saat ini agar bisa kamu jadikan rujukan dan referensi, sebelum kamu menentukan ingin menggunakan software yang mana? 465 palabras más

Adobe Illustrator

Ebay Paint Haul

I brought several items from Ebay this month and I brought for new paints , for learning to paint .I was looking for cheap quality paints but with lots of colours for mixing and ex.I have brought Daler Rowney paint before and it lasted for years. 113 palabras más

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