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We're Going on an Alaskan Cruise!!

Feels like I just wrote a post like this one but I am SO excited to share that we have booked our next Disney Cruise…to ALASKA! 638 palabras más

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love is an adventure

When I found a greeting card at the back of a dresser drawer, I already knew what I didn’t want to know. I didn’t want to go. 364 palabras más


Relationship status: Waiting for Kate Mara

I’m single. And totally fine with it (for now). As said in the title, I’m just waiting for Kate Mara to become available again. 1.220 palabras más


Our Wedding Day - Part 2

Welcome back to the second post of everything that happened on our wedding day!! I decided to split it into two to keep the posts a decent length. 3.460 palabras más

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Our Wedding Day - Part 1

As of yesterday Chris and I have officially been married for three months!! Up to this point I’ve been writing all about all the planning we did for our wedding and everything leading up to it…and I’m still not done with those posts but I figured it was about time I wrote about the actual day itself!! 2.128 palabras más

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We're Back From Our Disney Cruise!

We sailed away last week and yesterday we sailed back! We are (sadly) back home from our Disney Cruise and it was such an amazing time! 327 palabras más

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Tomorrow will officially mark my eight months as an au pair in Ireland! And I still can’t believe it.

This life has brought me all I had expected, and much, much more! 289 palabras más