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Back to the Future

Fabulous Bones

A Kid Again

The Cathedral Building

New buildings going up across the Bay in Oakland, CA.

Three months after starting a new job, it is already quite an odyssey. 159 palabras más
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mourning the living, part 2

My grandmother was abandoned on a stranger’s doorstep one day in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

My family knows my biological great grandmother’s name and nothing else. We don’t know what her life was like or what dreams she may have fostered. 1.297 palabras más


Nostrum is 3 months old!

…And, sadly, this is how she spent the day:

I woke up with some tension in my right arm this morning and rather than being bold and pushing through the soreness, I made the responsible choice of not touching the guitar at all today. 611 palabras más


23andMe DNA Test Review

This post should serve as a bit of a break from all the wedding posts around here lately!! I have been SO excited to write about this ever since we did it and I just got my results back so I figured it was time! 1.360 palabras más

In My Life

Este Año Voy a Cuidar de Mi!

Aunque el tiempo es relativo, medirlo nos facilita la vida. Horarios de trabajo, semestres académicos, plazos para entregas, aniversarios y celebraciones de nuevos años le van poniendo comienzo y fin a lo que deseamos, hacemos y dejamos de hacer. 477 palabras más

In My Life

mourning the living

Every happy day I celebrate, every language barrier I break down, every career goal I aspire toward, every liberating nighttime mile I run is still tainted by a trace of anger that quietly lurks beneath the surface. 387 palabras más