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ALA Midwinter Meeting Day 1

Travel went well yesterday. I was in my hotel by 4 but boy did I pack wrong. It was 68ºF when we landed!

After heading over to Registration to get my ID, I went back to the hotel to get refreshed and plot it my route to my 2 evening events. 190 palabras más


A year in the life 2016 #267: new country new beverages 

I got to try the luminous Inca Kola, the favourite soft drink of Peru. Apparently Coke tried to mess with it once and got a very poor reception. 18 palabras más

Thank You, Matthew Paris - Now I Don't Have To Go To Peru

A post about holiday reading, discussed after my holiday on the BBC Radio Gloucestershire Book Club this week

Although I love travelling, and rarely turn down an opportunity to travel anywhere, I do love putting in extra miles via the pages of a good travel book, whether to places I know well, to places I plan to go, or places I know will always be off my agenda. 604 palabras más

Personal Life

Inca Kola the soda that sells more than Coca Cola

This is the most famous soda in Peru that sells more than Coca cola and that’s why Coca cola company  bought Inca Kola some years ago. 70 palabras más