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Book 6 of 30 - Inca Kola by Matthew Parris

I decided to revisit an old friend when I spotted this classic in the charity shop

The crazy thing is I read this last time in 2005, whilst I was travelling in South America and at the time I don’t remember thinking it was out of date compared to my experience of Peru and Bolivia. 57 palabras más


Peru - the country where Cola Cola marketing failed  or Inca Kola and Fanta Inglesa (English Fanta)

Today in the supermarket I saw a Fanta Inglesa (English Fanta) after yesterday I saw absolutely everywhere a soft drink called Inca Kola. I don’t know yet if it is because the Peruvians are very proud of their cuisine, or a proud nation, but it seems that Cola Cola never succeed to penetrate the Peruvian market and to dethrone the local brands of Inca Kola and Fanta Kola. 170 palabras más

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Ode to Inca Kola

Your bright neon yellow beckons me,

Like the lights of Vegas, inviting gamblers.

Just as toxic, you might be.

For my wallet, and my health. 25 palabras más

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Lima, Cusco, Here we go!

Well flight delays are fun.

That was sarcasm. They are not. The flight out from London was delayed, and when we got to Miami we found out that the airport was basically closed due to a massive storm coming in so we had to circle a few times. 1.089 palabras más


Exploring the ATL: The World of Coca-Cola

A couple weeks ago we had a visitor for the weekend, which was the perfect excuse to go out and explore a little bit of our new city. 310 palabras más


Postcards from Peru: Day 2 Lima


Greetings from Lima, Peru! Lima is the bustling capital city of Peru, home to 10 million people. It is also said to be the food capital of South America. 1.051 palabras más

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Not all that is gold glitters

Having gushed about the Japanese soft drink Marble Soda (actually called Ramune, or ラムネ) in my last post, I thought I should balance the records a bit by mentioning this not so nice soft drink I discovered a while ago at Camden Lock Market in London. 76 palabras más