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Hola El Rad Blogo,

Huh. I’m doing a lot of Hispanic drinks as of late. Well, this one has come to my attention through a request from good ol’ sword_of_omens! 1.274 palabras más

Chas Rad


Ah Peru! Home of the ancient hilltop archeological Unesco World Heritage site, Machu Picchu. And let’s not forget Cuzco, the pre-conquistador capital of the Inca Empire. 343 palabras más

Travel Humor

ALA Midwinter Meeting Day 1

Travel went well yesterday. I was in my hotel by 4 but boy did I pack wrong. It was 68ºF when we landed!

After heading over to Registration to get my ID, I went back to the hotel to get refreshed and plot it my route to my 2 evening events. 190 palabras más


A year in the life 2016 #267: new country new beverages 

I got to try the luminous Inca Kola, the favourite soft drink of Peru. Apparently Coke tried to mess with it once and got a very poor reception. 18 palabras más