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Inconsistent Pricing

A reoccurring comment we hear from LCL importers is “Why is it that our charges are so inconsistent?”. On investigation, we find that it all comes back to the agreed incoterms of sale. 316 palabras más

Los incoterms

Desde cualquier punto de vista que uno trabaje en el comercio exterior (empresa exportadora, empresa importadora u otro operador logístico), el punto clave para comprender las operaciones es dominar los incoterms. 1.770 palabras más


Risk, Loss and Tile in International Shipping Contracts

Incoterms are an integral part of any international shipping contract which set forth both buyers and sellers responsibilities.  While Incoterms define allocate risk and costs they do not address change in title.   788 palabras más

Incoterms 101 (Cutting into the tick layer of b***sh*t)

Although there are about 11 incoterms currently, only a few of them are used in international B2B trade.

Color Code

RED = Not used

GREEN = Used… 663 palabras más


U3 - Actividad 2

Organizados en equipo elaborar un vídeo en donde aborde los siguientes conceptos referentes a los INCOTERMS: que problemática regulan, porque surgen, aspectos que regulan, algunos aspectos que no regulan, aspectos comunes y diferenciales de los INCOTERMS

Unidad 3

Have you Considered?

Even the most experienced importers & exporters would appreciate a reminder of the massive list of “things” to consider when arranging shipping internationally. It happens way too often that it is not until a shipment goes wrong do we sit back and reflect on how processes can be improved to ensure that certain something does not go wrong in the future, 59 palabras más