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Incoterms 2010

The International Commercial terms (Incoterms) are predefined series of commercial terms which are widely used in international & domestic commercial transactions. Incoterms first published in 1936, the rules have been periodically updated & published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). 458 palabras más


The Most Common Shipping and Payment Terms (INCOTERMS) used in International Trade

Shipping Terms

  • EXW (Ex Works)
    Seller will make goods available at his premises/factory. All other transportation and insurance costs are to be borne by buyer.
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Terms of Sale on a Commercial Invoice

          Terms of Sale, or Terms of Delivery are most commonly referred to as Incoterms (International Commercial Terms) these days.  Terms of Sale simply must be reflected on the commercial invoice for Customs purposes.  243 palabras más

Commercial Invoice

ICC - The mightiness of three capital letters

Who would have guessed that a collection of three-letter acronyms would have had such an impact on the development of international (and domestic) commercial transactions? A group of industrialists, financiers and traders whose determination to bring economic prosperity to a post-World War I era eventually led to the founding of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). 113 palabras más

Trade Facilitation

What Are Incoterms and Why Do They Matter?

Incoterms Are The Language of International Shipping

Shipping contracts for any mode of transport have predefined terms, which are determined by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). 948 palabras más


Law firm cautions - Multiple Contracts can be Confusing

Law firm Shepstone and Wylie cautions traders to be well aware of the legal considerations to be taken into account when negotiating an international trade transaction. 474 palabras más

International Shipping