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That Indie Thing - Week 21, 2017

Catch up with or listen again to That Indie Thing broadcast 28 May 2017 on Sin Radio. The show this week is all about the Rise and Demise of the First Wave of Shoegaze. 113 palabras más

The Shins: Heartworms


Heartworms is a very summery album with a sort of easy going, fun vibe. The lyrics tend to explore themes of vulnerability, insecurity, romance, and friendship. 99 palabras más


Ryan Adams @ Hordern Pavilion, 27 May, 2017

Throughout his career, Ryan Adams has been hell-bent on following his muse wherever it’s dragged him. It may not have always endeared him to fans, bandmates, critics or record labels but it’s made for a sizeable catalogue of work that few of his contemporaries could only wish to match. 388 palabras más

Indie Rock

the lo-fi summer playlist you didn't know you needed

For winding road trips towards the melting sun, for endless lazing & laughing with friends, and for you, sitting and soaking up the summer air. 77 palabras más


4th of July - Carl Broemel

Indie Folk/Indie Rock

If albums were seasons Carl Broemel’s 4th of July would be summer. This album is a great candidate for your sitting by the pool, relaxing, drinking a beer chill-out album of the summer this year. 594 palabras más


Album Mini-Review | Ten Fé: Hit the Light

Format: Studio Album, Long Play (LP)

Genre: Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Electronic

Length: 52:30

Label: Play It Again Sam

Media Types: Digital, Streaming, CD, Vinyl… 87 palabras más


Album Mini-Review | The Proper Ornaments: Foxhole

Format: Studio Album, Long Play (LP)

Genre: Indie Rock, Indie Pop

Length: 37:41

Label: Slumberland Records

Media Types: Digital, Streaming, CD, Vinyl

Release Date: January 20th, 2017 79 palabras más