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Song Review: RESTLESS NATIVES - "Endless Possibilities"

I recently discovered the UK duo Restless Natives, and instantly loved their beautiful new song “Endless Possibilities.” Referring to themselves as ‘Renegade Audio Guerillas – a shadowy musical splinter cell created to enhance your mind with musical and visual splendour… 224 palabras más


Observer Effect - The Shelf

Listen to “The Shelf” by Observer Effect.

Exploring Other Genres: Sunbather - Braneworld

by Dustin


A while back we started a segment called “Exploring Other Genres” to offer fellow hip-hop fans an accessible outlet to a variety of interesting music. 601 palabras más


Homecomings - Sale of Broken Dreams

On Sale of Broken Dreams, Homecomings master the art of turning sparks into bonfires. Curl up next to this album.

Artist: Homecomings
Album: Sale of Broken Dreams… 624 palabras más

Japanese Indie Rock


South Wales band Amber have recently released their single, “Dublin”, and it’s nothing short of a belter.

What’s particularly interesting about this song is the mis-match of vocals to music. 389 palabras más

3.22 - Blaenavon

Some nice indie rock here from Hampshire 3-piece Blaenavon – who sound like the product of an alliance between Bastille and early-era Maximo Park.

This is  22 palabras más