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ALBUM REVIEW: 'For Now' by DMA's

For a band whose biggest influence is supposedly Bruce Springsteen, it’s no surprise that DMA’s sound a lot closer to Oasis, so much so that it’s naturally divided the Gallagher brothers’ own opinions on them. 510 palabras más


Kurt Vile-Pretty Pimpin

One of the catchiest songs you’re ever likely to hear, Kurt Vile’s ‘Pretty Pimpin’ comes from his sixth record ‘b’lieve i’m goin down’ and it’s our Track Of The Week. 24 palabras más


Letters from the Fire release “Comfort You” and a music video to go with it.

Letters from the Fire is a band who have released an amazing single “Comfort You”. As soon as I heard the first verse I knew that I would love this song.   159 palabras más


Mr Gabriel's New Song Will Make You Shake Like a 'Tambourine'

Mr Gabriel’s new song, ‘Tambourine’, is some colorful indie pop full to the brim with personality. This solo project of Nashville native Gabe Simon could be described concisely as colorful. 67 palabras más

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Top Tracks: Hundred Waters- "Mushroom Cloud"

Balladeering in the present age is perhaps as difficult as it’s ever been. We have so many distractions around us, digital or otherwise, that paying attention to the ebbs and flows of a person’s story becomes a tall order. 139 palabras más


Courtney Barnett Navigates Through Urban Ambivalence In “City Looks Pretty”

Courtney Barnett taps into the foreign familiarity we experience with a place in her new single “City Looks Pretty.” It’s a cheerfully introspective track, but not necessarily happy. 380 palabras más