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The February BIRP! playlist is out now and can be downloaded/streamed from here.
BIRP! stands for Blalock’s Indie Rock Playlist.

It’s a website with lots of great information about new music but the most important thing is the playlist. 95 palabras más


Unhappy Love Songs Because I Don't Do Cheese

Hey everyone! Sunday is Valentine’s Day, and I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite holiday of the year, but I also think it’s kind of sweet that there’s one day where life comes second and the person you love comes first. 508 palabras más


Music Library : James Bay

Last week, I stumbled upon a Youtuber doing her Q and A video and one of the questions she answered was “Who is her favorite singer?” And her answer was James Bay. 235 palabras más

Indie Rock

03 3003 03030 3 EP by Beatastic

03 3003 03030 3 will be the latest EP from Beatastic, a London-based indie rock/electronica band. With two albums already under their belt, their sound has been found and developed into something unique. 421 palabras más


I Will Know Her When I See Her

A strange lover of the stars,

She is the fusion of the impossible,

With the math of the mind,

In toto-cosmic-makeover,

Her body; ever ripe as time, 186 palabras más


Geminis in Photograph - Aneurysm (Cover)

“What a night we’ve got ahead! First up, all the way from Japan, is Geminis in Photograph with some cracking punk and grunge” – The Steam Passage Tavern’s Facebook page 14 palabras más


Howlin' Lyrics

“Howlin'” is from EP Two.


My politics have come to an end
I’m just trying to be a good friend
To the people who love me, to the voice in my head… 100 palabras más

Indie Rock