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Esta é a cara do novo rock francês

Imagine uma banda de rock. Que faz letras poéticas. E que cante em francês. Depois de lançar 2 EPs, em 2014 e 2015, o trio… 227 palabras más


Music for 3/28/17!!! Betty Who, Colton Dixon, Creeper

@@@ Betty Who: The Valley (RCA, 2017) A sophomore arena pop record off the new music section of Apple Music.  After a decent a cappella opening tune it gets into the full electro cheese with the lyric ‘some kind of wonderful’.   446 palabras más



By Nicola Roy (@circaslaves)

If I had to pick an album to soundtrack my early teens, it would be Port of Morrow by The Shins… 388 palabras más


Why You Should Listen to ANOHNI's Music

Anohni is a recent alternative-dance artist who has shown to be an extremely talented writer of music as well as vocalist.  Her debut album Hopelessness  248 palabras más

Glass Animals at the Albert Hall, Manchester - 18/03/2017

Imagine a room full of people in a Wesleyan church, worshipping a crazed, chanting angel and a revolving pineapple disco ball. Does that seem odd? That was two hours of Glass Animals at the Albert Hall, Manchester last week. 511 palabras más


Hot Thoughts - Spoon

Indie Rock

This week I would like to switch things up a little bit and focus on a new release. The week before last Spoon welcomed the newest addition to their catalog with the release of… 303 palabras más


Fresh Music Monday: 'Turn It Up' -The Wrecks

The fun rumbuctious style, was the first thing that caught my attention. “Turn It Up” by The Wrecks is catchy mix of nostalgia and youthfulness. The single’s chaotic style–filled with memorable guitar riffs and drum beats– is the perfect mix of indie rock and punk. 61 palabras más