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Black Hole Information Paradox: Firewalls or Chaos ?

A few weeks ago Stephen Hawking released a paper discussing the black hole information paradox that triggered an intense debate in the scientific community and had a large impact on the public. 957 palabras más

News In Astronomy

Stephen Hawking snared the world’s attention.

Stephen Hawking snared the world’s attention—as he often does—recently by rethinking the black hole, an object that has had an insidiously genius impact on the way physicists think about the universe. 1.920 palabras más


The Student Education Paradox

An exciting new paper by a leading theoretical physicist prominent educationalist has just appeared on the arXiv. In it the author addresses the important question of whether… 262 palabras más

The Universe And Stuff

Echoes of Star Song

Entropic ellipse
Two dimensional eclipse ensuring information paradox
Chemical building blocks out-foxes
microscopic mind with complex simplicity
Duplicity the very essence of cosmic synchronicity
Pity stellar grit sailing soullessly onward… 10 palabras más


The Paradox of Automation

We are evolving toward an economy that is on-line, instantaneous, self-service, interactive, knowledge based and inter-networked

Neither information nor the technology dollars are being consistently translated into business value – This is the information Paradox. 247 palabras más

Business Challenge

The Challenge of Value

The IT Governance Institute has this excellent webcast – The Challenge of Value .An overview of Val IT 2.0, and an introduction to the challenge of value, the role of IT governance and the challenges of applying Val IT 2.0… 50 palabras más


Remembering O.J.

On October 3, 1995, Orenthal James Simpson was acquitted of murder.

For more subjects that just aren’t funny, check out my guest posts on The Information Paradox… 51 palabras más