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Multi-Centred Solutions, Multi-Interval Entanglement and Semi-Dimensional Bootstrap

We began our day with Parijat (IISc) continuing where she left off yesterday. Building on the motivation from the example of the mean field theory that she discussed in detail yesterday, she discussed the reproduction of the s-channel terms in a Bootstrap equation from the infinite sum of the t-channel terms in a more general setting. 3.444 palabras más

Black Hole Information Paradox

English physicist Stephen Hawking is known for his work on black holes , ranging from singularities to quantum theory of gravity. One of the most infamous paradoxes of physics is the Black Hole Information Paradox, which is a consequence of two contradictory theories of physics . 522 palabras más


Discurso de Stephen Hawking en Dublin 2004

El discurso que trataría de poner fin a un debate que duró más de 30 años: La paradoja de la pérdida de información en los agujeros negros. 3.497 palabras más


ArXiv review

Session 1 (Zainab): Today I will try to sketch the main idea behind this paper which is a comparision between one-loop supergravity free energy and ABJM theory result. 197 palabras más


Interstellar was right. Falling into a black hole is not the end, says Stephen Hawking.

“If you feel you are in a black hole, don’t give up, there’s a way out,” Stephen Hawking told the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm…

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