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We see things not as they are, but as we are.

Not On My Watch

Puppies pee a lot! But they are pretty easy to figure out. Take them outside the second they wake up, because that’s when they have to go! 73 palabras más


Foreign Language Break Throughs

I read a book which had as its premise that the game of golf was much more than a game, that it was a metaphor for life…that when played with the proper mindset, all of life’s lessons and challenges could be found, practiced and mastered on the links. 499 palabras más

Personal Awareness

A Practical Introduction to Options - Part 4

In the final post of this technical series on derivatives trading we discuss using options as insurance, why the Black-Scholes model is wrong and trader psychology. 4.131 palabras más


Anatomy of An Insight: Cornetto Commitment Rings

My wife and I seldom quarrel, but when I started to watch Orange is The New Black alone without her, there was a heated exchange. Therefore this is brilliant execution tapping into current life of target audience: 71 palabras más


Knots and Circles

We are like knots and circles,

We end, tie up, and come back .

Your words, my words,

Your thoughts, my feelings,

You ask and I answer. 99 palabras más



Charades is the game of finding the correct words to translate a silent pantomime. It’s a time filler when the party runs up the alcohol level and winds down the intelligence quotient. 989 palabras más