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The way of recruitment is changing. Traditionally, an ad was placed and hirers searched and screened applicants who showed interest in the position. However, today with the increase in professional social media and networking sites, recruiters have the ability to review diverse talent and reach out with to them with opportunities, regardless of if the person has indicated interest.  438 palabras más

Human Resource Management

10 Practical Steps to Not Losing Your Mind on Facebook

I gotta be honest, the last month of current events in the U.S. has made me want off this crazy train. From multiple mass shootings, to shootings of police and by police, to world terror attacks, to a presidential election season that has me, well, unhappy to say the least, I’ve not found social media, and Facebook in particular, something I’ve enjoyed consuming lately. 1.052 palabras más


The Bullshit Of Big ...

So a few months ago, I was invited to talk at a conference about ‘ideas’.

Yeah … I know, it’s all been said and done before, but the reality is a good idea is still the only legal means to counter distribution, history and cash. 474 palabras más

Attitude & Aptitude

Never a Bad Word

‘Never a Bad word’ -My paternal grandmother. She has never uttered a bad word about anyone in all 93 years of her life, nor has she gotten cross with anyone despite having Alzheimer’s for almost 15 years. 68 palabras más


Daily Diary - 7/25/16

I was just about to say that my anxiety was slightly less today…but then my wife and I started arguing about money. I’m so tired of dealing with this. 795 palabras más


Letting Go...

My most popular article to date was titled “The art of Letting Go” and it was about that moment when a rider releases a little the contact and allows the horse to balance himself, as opposed to a rider who holds the horse up in tension. 746 palabras más


Hal - Hal yang Harus Kamu Lakukan Saat Berada Di Kawasan Bedugul

Kawasan Bedugul terletak di Kecamatan Baturiti, Kabupaten Tabanan, Bali. Tempat ini merupakan salah satu tempat istimewa di Bali. Dan salah satu kawasan buronan bagi wisatawan dari luar dan khususnya dalam negeri. 435 palabras más