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A Sociopath's Calm

I recently began a train of introspection to help better understand who I am. I noticed another sociopathic idiosyncrasy. I believe from this stems all misconceptions of the psychopath’s lack of emotion. 219 palabras más

Daily Thoughts

Smallest Things

If you take the time to look you will find evidence of God even in the smallest things that are a part of your everyday life. 23 palabras más


Moments of clarity

Many of us go to work, hangout with our friends and family, shop, workout, cook, read and do various other activities without thinking much about them. 577 palabras más

Taking A Cold, Hard Beating In Life

  The last nine months or so have delivered a few harsh blows in life, the latest of which has left me reeling with fear, and the blast radius has affected some of those closest to me. 1.156 palabras más


Atomic Origami, anyone?

Atomic origami? Yes, this and countless other uses of Graphene are being touted around the world. Such is the enduring enthusiasm for what has been widely (boorishly) presented as the next generation wonder material… 429 palabras más


The Dean Obeidallah Show: Jon Stewart made America better

SiriusXM Insight’s John Fugelsang, host of Tell Me Everything, joined my show Saturday to discuss the influence that Jon Stewart has had in his 16 years hosting… 491 palabras más


Approaching Your Path

Each path is unique.  What works for me won’t necessarily work for you.  Guidance is all any of us can seek on our paths; there is no absolute, no answer to each question to make it easier.  513 palabras más