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The Future Belongs To Leaders Who Get Artificial Intelligence

1. Ask a simple question, “How would Google do it?”

If auto manufacturers asked this question a decade ago, they wouldn’t be struggling today to play catch up as self-driving cars reinvent their entire industry over the next two decades. 525 palabras más

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The editing process of writing a short story is an interesting process for me. The initial mood of the story varies from one day to the next. 215 palabras más



I think it’s happening. I’m working on a couple of plans. I want a no turning back scenario.

I’m feeling calmer now, knowing this.


I'm breaking...

Wait, I’m already broken. I can’t take this anymore.

I believe I’m going to kill myself thus coming weekend. Perhaps Friday night.

(Why Friday? K will be done with her super busy week and will have the weekend to get stuff together.)


Taking care of myself

I’m not eating. I’m not sleeping. I am constantly crying. I’m not getting exercise. I’m suicidal.

Any normal sane person would be in a hospital in my condition. 8 palabras más


The multifaceted newsworthiness

I have been a journalism student since I graduated from high school. It was around five years ago, when I decided I would translate my passion in writing to something that is more relatable to the community, or human as a whole. 420 palabras más


Still panicking

I was good…for about 30 minutes. Then, my mind started going again.

I’m trying to breathe…it’s a struggle. It’s a struggle to do anything much right now. 14 palabras más