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Insight Software – Changing Themes

Want to add some excitement to your desktop? Did you know that you can change the theme of Insight Salon & Spa Software? Select your favorite color or pick a design that is relevant to the time of year. 55 palabras más

Salon Software

Hysterical Parental Tweets You Will Totally Relate Too.

It’s no secret that my main go-to social media platform for just about anything is Twitter. Today I will spare you the one million things that I get either on or through Twitter. 334 palabras más


Why Doing Is Better Than Looking

In the world of professional Tennis the coach is paramount. So important is the input of a coach that no professional player would be without one for an extended period of time. 468 palabras más


Research Insight on Global Defibrillator Industry Analysis, Forecasts, Demands, Applications, Shares and Growth Aspects by 2015

The report provides a special focus on the Defibrillator market in terms of its drivers and restraints, providing a net neutral perspective that can be weighed in using any of the described features. 90 palabras más


Face upturned she weeps tears of joy at the sight of her radiant love..
Looking down he zones in on her to end the quest of his search. 79 palabras más

IT 1 week 5 // 09.16.15

sobrang tamad ko pala 3 weeks late na ‘tong post na ‘to. oh well.

eto na. nararamdaman ko na yung hirap ng IT. i cAN FEEL IT STAHP UGHGHGHHH… 296 palabras más