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Perhaps my soul’s call
Is simply to whisper, ‘Look!’
‘Look, how beautiful!’

[photo  from the wonderful blog, nature has no boss, by MIKE BIZEAU]


Psychic Abilities, Explained

A few months ago, I wrote a blog entry about Finding Out How I Might be Psychic. In it, I basically came out of the psychic closet and shared my story of how I came to find out about my abilities. 1.411 palabras más


[Quoting]The 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires

I am always glad to take something inspiring down. Today I found a piece of paper, on which I  noted 16 items when I was at my college. 501 palabras más

Growing Up


Echos in the ripples of the consigning wave.

Kept calling your name with fortitude.

Marvelling at your shadowed sight.

You felled down,

bowed like hypocrites. 121 palabras más


Ijtihad Referensial

Obsesi macam-macam bentuknya. Kalau obsesi harta itu biasa. Tapi kalau obsesi membantu orang lain sampai kamu kehilangan dirimu sendiri, itu juga harus kamu waspadai. Abnegation namanya itu. 54 palabras más


Let emails wait

to simplify and relaxify your own daily work #7.
Let emails and other online checking wait until the end of the workday. Or at least for a few hours. 684 palabras más

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