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Kindness Keepsakes

I had a couple of flights last week, and each time we made our final descent into a city, the Southwest Airlines flight attendant said, “Be kind to one another”. 410 palabras más

So lost

I’m sitting here thinking of the ways that I’m lost…and I’m lost on finding the ways. It’s just a feeling – a very strong feeling. I’m not where I’m supposed to be in my life. 65 palabras más


Does it???

Everything happens for a reason…..

Ok, I get some of it. My hard life may have strengthened me to fight my illness harder.

But now, why can’t I get past it? 76 palabras más

My Thought....

What stuff means to us?

This is a non-finished blog article written in last year…

Mid-term exam did end at the moment, but I am still have to fight for my dozens of reports. 249 palabras más


I don't want my day to start

I’m afraid. I want to go back to sleep because I don’t want to deal with the pain. I miss her so fucking much!

I don’t want to deal with my heart or all of the hurt that I have. 96 palabras más


It Will Be Different This Time

Intermittent positive reinforcement is a theory of why people do things that seem unreasonable. It’s also a powerful motivator.This concept becomes clear during my yearly trip to the casino. 293 palabras más