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Rock-n-Roll Argument

I’ll never forget when I abandoned college for The Grand Passion. The Dean said to me, “Young lady, you will regret this to your dying day.” Well, she may have been a dried up old biddy but she was oh-so right. 227 palabras más


keep going 

keep going

even if you think you can’t

just do it

because even if you stop

even if you stay

the world will keep turning… 7 palabras más


Pressing Forward

You should never let feelings of inadequacy or the fear of failure keep you from fulfilling the dreams that you have for your life. You need to look deep inside yourself, and try to see the incredible potential that lies within, and keep pressing forward. 18 palabras más


Remains Constant

The sun sets, the moon rises, and the winds of change blow, yet God remains constant and does not change, and He will be the stability of your times.


Will Never End

You are searching for something. You feel an emptiness inside that you cannot explain and even though you have tried to fill that void in a lot of different ways it keeps coming back, even when you’re surrounded by people and life’s many distractions. 71 palabras más


"victim" Therapy

I am looking for some insight and would appreciate feedback. I have been going to therapy for 2 1/2 years. It s been a very slow road for me. 71 palabras más


Recently, after a long day on Planet Wellsboro (my nickname for one of the agencies I consult with: there I conduct evaluations for children with behavioral/developmental/emotional issues), I took a 21-mile bike ride along part of the Pine Creek Trail that runs the length of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. 807 palabras más