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Last night's star

I saw you.

Yes, you.

I saw you walking down the road, hands tucked in your pockets, earphones plugged into your ears. You had somewhere to go. 142 palabras más


France and the First Gate

I like to get the disclaimers out of the way up front.  Let me do that.  I have been wrong before.  If I keep making predictions, then I will probably be wrong again.   898 palabras más


Jonathan’s Return (An Adventure Novel) - Book Two, Chapter Four, Part One

Jonathan’s Return (An Adventure Novel)

(Copyright 1984, Mark D. Jones, All Rights Reserved)

Book Two, Chapter Four, Part One


“Personal challenges are like icebergs, we only see the small portions visible above the sea, when the truth of the matter is they extend deep under water.   593 palabras más

Jonathan's Amazing Adventures

Owl Wisdom

The intense stare

insistent in knowing,

expecting obedience and respect 32 palabras más


The Insight

This past week we travelled to take our daughter on her first college tours. It was a fascinating experience, and afforded me the opportunity to dust off my undergraduate sociology and cultural anthropology studies. 148 palabras más



If you’re anything like myself, you value and consider the opinions, ideas, dreams, and beliefs that others hold. You want to present the best parts of yourself for others to see. 1.355 palabras más