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Work so hard that it becomes hard for you to get off work.


“You’ve learned a new rule and it’s simple: don’t put yourself in situations you’d like to run away from.

But when you run, run back to yourself, like that bunny in Runaway Bunny runs to its mother, but you are the mother, and you’ll see that later and be very, very proud.” …

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A Little Bit About Me

Hello! I decided to start a blog about my personal experience with anxiety. Please feel free to comment and I hope you enjoy!

I am just going to jump right in and give a little background. 272 palabras más



Today brought epiphany,

Hidden in symphony.

Not drowned by cacophony,

Surrounded by my infamy.

I am not one who,

Can ever be true.

To one point of view, 38 palabras más


Does wealth make us mean?

Social psychologist Paul Piff, a Professor at University of California Berkeley, has done a large number of experiments to probe how wealth affects our behaviour. 322 palabras más


I, Me, We.

In this self-obsessed world, I feel light. Brought up in a life where vanity was a sin, I could never wrap my head around “I”. Even as I write this post, I feel heavy at every place the word “I” is typed in. 586 palabras más


Buying an accordion

I just bought a piano accordion and it got me thinking. I sometimes get sad and afraid that I am not going to make it big and get lost in anonymity and I blame the circumstances of life, such as the fact that I was not born in a rich, famous family of superstars. 262 palabras más