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My Bestfriend 

Sometimes I feel like I’m back to those really dark days. The ones where it was impossible to live with myself. The mere thought of my existence was revolting. 329 palabras más


The Right Time

God is never slow or late when it comes to answering your prayers because He has just the right time and just the right way to take care of the things that concern you.


Spending Time

There is no better way to start your day than by spending time alone with God in prayer and reading the Bible. It is never a waste of time.


The now

The train is leaving the station. You have less than a minute to decide if you are boarding, and all you have is a backpack. Well aware that this is a huge crossroad to your life- and you’ll never be the same. 244 palabras más


Yogi Reads: The Alchemist

by Olivia Cecchettini

“The Alchemist”

by Paulo Coelho

Summary: Slow down and be present while reading this book. Just like the cover, there are signs, messages, and hidden treasures throughout. 494 palabras más


Cadillac or Chevy? The Seahawks look at their defensive line options

The Seattle Seahawks are known as a “draft and develop” organization. While this always sounds good to both the personnel executive saying it and to myriad NFL observers, the economic realities of the NFL make all teams “draft and develop” organizations. 69 palabras más