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Este precioso corto me sugiere palabras como: emociones, contagio de emociones, creatividad, imaginación, modelos, juego, “normalidad”, escuela tradicional…

¿y a vosotros/as?


Age quod agis

“Do what you are doing” is the latin way to say FOCUS and what is known for mindfulness as a state  where we attend our actions by concentrating on them without letting our mind wander to other things that keeps us from enjoying life to the fullest. 165 palabras más


Logan and conciousness

Logan is the film based of Wolverine a member of the X men, a mutant league that helps save the world from other evil mutants. Thanks to Professor Xavier they are educated and learn to control their powers or mutations for the good of human kind. 360 palabras más


Lançamento do livro: Potência Corporativa, transformando o clima organizacional e a adrenalina em resultados para a organização

Ética, Educação, Clima Organizacional, Respeito e Valores Morais.

Convido a todos para conhecerem meu livro, lançado oficialmente ontem pela Editora Pensamento Corporativo, em versão digital, em todas as lojas da Amazon. 229 palabras más


Silence and knowing thyself

Any film director is characterized by his movies. Scorcese is not the exception. Some of his movies are violent, erotic, and filled with history. The movie… 553 palabras más


Be realistic about yourself

Everytime we look in the mirror, what do we see? Ourselves? Or who we want to be? If the answer is the second question we might be unsatisfied with our lives, but why? 364 palabras más


Lala land and freedom

Lala land is one of the most awarded pictures of all times, and it comes to us in a time when the world is in such state with religious, political, economical and social wars that contribute to the world crisis. 246 palabras más