Notre Dame des Laves

We are at the foot of an active volcano, where sits a church miraculously spared by its lava. France’s Réunion island is no strangers to volcanic activity, in fact, since the 17th century, it has seen more than a hundred eruptions from one volcano alone, the charming Piton De La Fournaise. 202 palabras más


KUL-SIN by Air Asia Berhad (Economy Class) Airbus A320

Airline: AirAsia Berhad (AK/AXM)

Flight: AK701

Aircraft: Airbus A320neo 9M-AGI

Flight Date: February 10th 2018

Departure: 05:59 (GMT +8)

Arrival: 07:10 (GMT +8)

Flight Time: 1:11


This Monkey's Gone to Heaven

While there was obviously nothing to like about Vladimir Putin in his earlier incarnations as KGB officer, deputy mayor of Petersburg, FSB head, interim prime minister who relaunched the Chechen War, and Russia’s newly minted, apparently sober second president, it is clear that twenty years in office have now made him a stark raving lunatic. 113 palabras más


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More in the making: Apple likely to release new iPads, Macs on Oct 30

The tech powerhouse has been soaring over the past few years and in August became the US’ first trillion-dollar company.

Apple is likely to launch new… 237 palabras más