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Classic ASP on IIS 8.5: Setting the Configuration to See ASP Error Messages

Classic ASP is still a very good option to develop or prototype simple Web applications with. Sometimes you’ll need to transition a classic ASP application from an older Web server to a more modern one. 977 palabras más


Why is white space showing instead of a manager query in IE?

When selecting menus that are supposed to display a Manager Query and its records, why do I see a white area?

This is indicative of a cache issue typically associated with changing between different application versions. 66 palabras más


IE11 keeps switching to IE7 mode

Internet Explorer first came out in 1994, but Microsoft still can’t make a browser without requiring every programmer on the internet to write custom websites to work around their bugs.  190 palabras más

Every Web User Deserves Usable Form Controls - Even in Internet Explorer!

As a Web App Developer – Internet Explorer is the browser we love to hate.  However end users that use Internet Explorer (by choice or by force) shouldn’t have to suffer poor usability when we can do something about it. 225 palabras más

Project "Spartan"

“Spartan” is the codename of a web browser under development by Microsoft. Officially unveiled on January 21, 2015, and first publicly released as a preview on March 30, 2015, it will replace Internet Explorer as the default browser of Windows 10 PCs, smartphones and tablets. 67 palabras más

Daily Dose

Do Not Track to be disabled in Project Spartan by default

OK, it’s a better time to truly know what Do Not Track feature is after the major leakage happened in June two years ago. Do Not Track feature protects you from being tracked by the advertisers and surely, many of the web browsers have it. 138 palabras más

Internet Explorer

Official Support Destroys Choice

I’m going to say something you will most likely vehemently disagree with. (look at me using big words… Hopefully correctly…)

I love Internet Explorer.

Ok, maybe “love” is a strong word. 480 palabras más

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