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Ghostery - The Easy Way To Block Website Advertisements.

Nowadays surfing the web has become a bit of a pain. Every website out there is usually plastered with advertisement squares. You never want to see them, you probably find about 1% of them useful and the other 99% extremely annoying! 602 palabras más


Check For Internet Explorer (IE) Compatibility Mode

Create a JavaScript file called iecheck.js and paste the following in the snippet:

function trueOrFalse() {
 return true;

function IeVersion() {
 // Set defaults
 var value = {
 IsIE: false,
 TrueVersion: 0,
 ActingVersion: 0,
 CompatibilityMode: false

// Try to find the Trident version number
 var trident = navigator.userAgent.match(/Trident\/(\d+)/);
 if (trident) {
 value.IsIE = true;
 //Convert from the Trident version number to the IE version number
 value.TrueVersion = parseInt(trident[1], 10) + 4;

// Try to find the MSIE number
 var msie = navigator.userAgent.match(/MSIE (\d+)/);
 if (msie) {
 value.IsIE = true;
 // Find the IE version number from the user agent string
 value.ActingVersion = parseInt(msie[1]);
 } else {
 // Must be IE 11 in "edge" mode
 value.ActingVersion = value.TrueVersion;

// If we have both a Trident and MSIE version number, see if they're different
 if (value.IsIE && value.TrueVersion > 0 && value.ActingVersion > 0) {
 // In compatibility mode if the trident number doesn't match up with the MSIE number
 value.CompatibilityMode = value.TrueVersion != value.ActingVersion;
 return value;
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HTTP Cookies - Part 1 - Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge

Finding Internet Explorer/Edge Cookies (Windows 7-10… possibly Vista, but who uses Vista?!)

Microsoft introduced a cool new way of finding your cookies. From the Run prompt or any Explorer window type “shell:cookies” and you will be taken to the Cookies location. 335 palabras más

Hats Off Security

Batch - Switch Proxy Auto-Config URL

This is a batch file I wrote designed for a user in a contracting environment to be able to easily switch between the corporate PAC and their customer’s PAC.   172 palabras más


This is one where when I saw it for the first time, I genuinely could not believe something so amazingly kitch and horribly thought out could even get to the production stage, and end up being an oddball portrait of Glasgow in those forgotten days of the 1980s. 174 palabras más


News | Major Vulnerability In Adobe Flash Found, Here’s How To Disable It In Your Web Browser

In news that won’t shock too many, a major flaw has been discovered in Flash. Yet another zero-day vulnerability for the video plugin software to add to the collection, this particular variant leaves PCs susceptible to hijacking, and if you want to protect yourself by quickly disabling flash, we’ll be showing you how to do so below. 363 palabras más