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Fix OTRS compatibility problems with Internet Explorer via Active Directory GPO

OTRS4 just works with Firefox and Chrome/Chromium but I had a lot of trouble trying to allow people that use Microsoft Internet Explorer to work with OTRS. 448 palabras más


When Did the Browser Become the Next OS?

“We view the Internet as the fourth desktop operating system we have to support after Windows, MacOS, and DOS.” That quote was from an executive at McAfee, and DOS gives it away that it was spoken back in 1996.With the announcement that Google will develop a quick-start operating system by next year for instant-on netbooks, I thought it might be interesting to take a trip down memory lane and remind us how we have gotten to the point where the browser has become the next OS, and probably now moving into first place rather than fourth.Of course, the smarmy retort to Google’s announcement is that we already have a quick-start, ultra-reliable Web OS, it is called OS X and my MacBook takes about five seconds from when I open the lid to when I can be surfing the Web. 902 palabras más

Be the "One that got away..."

Phishing Scams are on the rise, don’t become the next victim!

Every dad worth his weight in salmon eggs and shiny lures has at least one great fishing story-usually about the great catch that got away. 322 palabras más

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Failed to download this file. Error code 0x800C0008

One of our services gave an odd error. External user would attempt to access it and they would get an error about a configuration file not downloading. 133 palabras más


Tracepoint, console.log 2.0

Disponible sur la ie dev tool bar, tracepoint permet de log des informations à la volée. Plus besoin d’ajouter des console.log partout ou des breakpoint. 7 palabras más


Browser Hijackers!

You may have noticed in your start up page of your browser like Chrome or Mozilla Firefox or Edge or Internet Explorer or must have heard about some sticky websites which won’t go away no matter what you do and you have to either use it open a new tab or you have to each time go to “official website” of Google by giving the complete URL address each time……. 631 palabras más

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Internet Explorer lost 55% of users last year

In March, 2015, Microsoft discontinued its Internet Explorer browser and made Microsoft Edge the default browser of Windows 10. According to NetMarketshare, at that time, Internet Explorer had a 56.54% market share (the term “market share” in this article refers to the market share of desktop browsers), but that number has dropped dramatically since then. 167 palabras más