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Fitting the page when printing a TRIRIGA form

When printing a form using the Print functionality of TRIRIGA, the form is cut off automatically. Is it possible to set the width of the form to fit the size of page? 75 palabras más


Mozilla blasts Microsoft for overriding user choice in Windows 10

Windows 10 dropped this week with a promise of a free upgrade for anyone using Windows 7 or 8, but it turns out there’s a fly in that ointment. 786 palabras más

Windows 10

Where is the Internet Explorer in Windows 10 ?

So I updated my Windows 8.1 computer to run the Windows 10. The Microsoft Edge browser was great but I missed Internet Explorer. I was not able to find it quickly ( I mean in less than 5 seconds. 133 palabras más

Internet Explorer

Siebel Open UI - First Encounter With Edge

Windows 10, exciting enough? The atmosphere around Windows 10 is quite positive if you read the many articles which have been written. So, yesterday I took up the glove and downloaded the Windows 10 .iso file and today I created my first Windows 10 Virtual Box image. 291 palabras más