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IE Enterprise Mode Site list won't load sites put into site list manager

I was working on setting up Enterprise Mode Site list for some internal legacy sites so that IE 11 would automatically start them in Enterprise mode.   161 palabras más

Enterprise Mode

Internet Explorer-The Green Address Bar

Have you ever observed that while browsing some websites in Internet Explorer, your address bar turns green? It is due the verification certificate possessed by the website in question.  89 palabras más


Firefox tops Microsoft browser market share for first time

This is encouraging news for the Mozilla Project and for all of us who enjoy the options associated with Firefox and its various security enhancements and plug-in options.

Security News

Firefox overtakes Microsoft’s IE and Edge browsers, but Chrome continues to dominate

Microsoft may have built a new web browser that is befitting of today’s Internet, but the decision to develop Edge and deprioritize Internet Explorer might be benefitting its rivals. 418 palabras más


CSS Performance Debugging...

Most of us would agree that Internet Explorer isn’t a top-notch browser. Neither in supporting HTML5, the bread and depth of its developer tools, nor in performance. 1.100 palabras más

Jeroen Burgers

One Note 2016-To Play the Videos

One Note 2016 in addition to taking notes gives us the ability to play videos as well. But sometimes if you happen to embed an play the videos the first time it might not work. 91 palabras más


Microsoft Edge can now scrub the web with AdBlock and AdBlock Plus

AdBlock and AdBlock Plus are now available from the Windows Store for Microsoft’s Edge browser, letting Windows 10 users browse the way Microsoft intended while giving them the option to control the ads they see. 91 palabras más

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