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Mysterious "double kill" IE zero-day allegedly in the wild

“Double kill” is a bragging term from the world of violent video gaming – it means you finished off two assailants with a single shot. 665 palabras más


Here's yet another good reason to never use Internet Explorer

If you or any of your loved ones are still using Internet Explorer — and yes, I do mean true IE, not Microsoft Edge — then you probably already realize that you’re a good 15 years behind the times. 223 palabras más

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Diversify Your Search Engines!

Producer Commentary by Mitch Santell

There is a great way to research any project and get sources that no one else gets. We all use… 138 palabras más

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SharePoint: Getting EML Emails to Open in Outlook

If you are sending emails to a SharePoint document library, they get saved as .eml files rather than .msg like when you drag and drop emails into SharePoint. 609 palabras más


VBA: How to Jerry Rig an HTML Scraper

I’ve found that many people see Python, the programming language, much the same way they see Pythons, the scary-ass snakes. If you haven’t dealt with it before, chances are you’re going to think it’s not to be trusted. 1.047 palabras más

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New Patch Data Available (

Security Product End-of-Life (EOL)/End-of-Service (EOS) Reminders

Ivanti Patch for Windows 9.2 (previously named Shavlik Protect 9.2) received its final code update on 2017-08-27.  The content XML updates and product technical support for this version will end 2018-06-27.  993 palabras más

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Internet Explorer still exist in Windows 10 and Server 2016

As much as we want to newer browsers, there are times when a legacy website will only work in Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer 11 is a built-in feature in Windows 10 and server 2016. 74 palabras más