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UX/UI Upvotes #2: IE in Windows

Yes, you read that correctly. Nope, it’s not trolling click-bait. There is one Internet Explorer feature in Windows that I love and my default browser for… 101 palabras más


Internet Explorer - Running IE v8 through Windows Virtual PC


The manager of our QA group got a bug assigned to her.

The bug states that “a user is having problems specific to Internet Explorer Version 8… 487 palabras más


Browser Internet Explorer

Browser yang pernah menduduki peringkat satu sebagai bowser terbaik pada masanya ini kini juga melakukan beragam pengembangan untuk meningkatkan kinerja dan jumlah pengguna yang lebih tinggi. 188 palabras más

Browser Terbaik

IE stuck on Office 365 Login Screen

I had a user report that he could not use Internet Explorer to access SharePoint, only Chrome, so I asked what error he was seeing, and he replied “none – just a blank screen.” (This customer was using SharePoint Online.) I remoted in and saw that when IE would try to go to SharePoint, redirect to the Office 365 Login, authenticate, and then stop on a blank, white screen with the word “Continue” at the top. 221 palabras más

Internet Explorer

pdf FYI:Secure your PII

The Age of Information holds within it many little known facts that could yield compromises to your Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and pdf files are no exception. 173 palabras más


google stabs again at microsoft

In this entry of the Google/Microsoft war, we see that attempting to visit the Google Fonts API list page results in what is an outright ban of Internet Explorer.  25 palabras más