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Net Neutrality

On Thursday, February 26, 2015, the Federal Communications Commission passed new rules on Net Neutrality.   This act declared the internet to be a public utility and allows the FCC to regulate Internet Service Providers in the same way as Telecom companies.  168 palabras más

Hosted Virtual Desktop

Another Case of IE and Outlook Crashes

I haven’t done one of these in quite awhile. So without further ado.

The symptom: Internet Explorer 11 and Outlook were crashing*. This was happening in all cases after applying a new task sequence. 941 palabras más


Cannot download anything on any browser

Go to :


Navigate to:


Find “ScanWithAntiVirus” in the right pane and doubleclick on it and change it to 1.

Also Check

HKEY_Current_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Attachments] 10 palabras más

Windows 7

LINX 10 Tablet Review- A real Desktop / Laptop killer has arrived

I recently bought a Linx 10 after coming across it in the local Sainsbury’s. After a bit of fiddling around with it in store I knew I was going to buy it as my old 2012 nexus has literally become useless after the latest Lollipop update. 698 palabras más

Cheap Windows Tablet

Both IE and Chrome Are to Support asm.js

Both IE and Chrome Are to Support asm.js
The modern.IE Platform Status indicates that now asm.js is in Development. According to Microsoft, the Chakra engine in Windows 10 will support asm.js, and Microsoft has been collaborating with Mozilla to implement it faster. 22 palabras más


Lenovo releases tool to purge Superfish 'crapware'

Lenovo late Friday released a promised tool to delete the Superfish Visual Discovery adware from its consumer PCs.

The tool automates the manual process that Lenovo described earlier in the week after the Superfish “crapware” exploded in its face. 789 palabras más