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AMA: CodeceptJS support for Safari and IE?

Sahana Asks…

We area VOD startup and we have web app, mobile apps and TV apps. I am writing acceptance tests for web app now and chose codeceptjs framework since we have our website’s front end code in Javascript.

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Automated Testing

I Make Tech Tutorials On YouTube

There are two ways that you can view tech tutorials on YouTube – you can either seem them as a way to further your knowledge on any piece of tech, or you can see them as a way to make you feel completely stupid. 104 palabras más

[Windows 10] Disable Internet Explorer

Requirement :

  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • Personal User, Business User ask IT before implementing the changes this feature is maybe used for certain function of Business organization…
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How to suppress IE enhanced security prompt

How to suppress below kind of prompt?

The detailed description is shown in the below video.

It can be set through registries also as below. 52 palabras más


Internet Explorer Hardening Mysteries

Today I had a very interesting problem with system hardening and a new application that we are going to use. This application moved from a form based management interface to a web based one. 2.536 palabras más


A program error in the latest version of Internet Explorer detects user information

A bug recently appeared in the latest version of Internet Explorer that leaked addresses, or any other text that was typed in the address bar. 117 palabras más