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How manage those Internet Explorer nofitications?

I hope Internet Explorer is not your default choice in Windows 10, but even if it isn’t you still have to struggle with 1500+ Internet Explorer group policy settings to make it “yours”. 472 palabras más


Turn Off Pop-up Blockers

Turn Off Pop-Up Blockers

Sometimes those pesky pop-ups can be annoying while browsing the internet, but sometimes users need the pop-ups to access certain websites and programs.   25 palabras más


How to change Internet Explorer java version?

Are you willing to change the Java version of your Internet Explorer browser?

It may be that with the current version of Java some of the important videos or other application may not be working in a proper manner. 310 palabras más


This Makes Me Sad..

While watching computer related videos on YouTube tonight, I came across this one..

Seeing how these teens react to Windows 95 makes me so sad.. 261 palabras más

Disney under Investigation for H-1B Abuse, Say Feds

The Walt Disney Company and other employers regularly utilizing the H-1B visa program are under investigation for alleged abuse, according to a Department of Homeland Security letter to Congress. 478 palabras más

Synology Surveillance on Windows Internet Explorer

First of all, don’t try to run it on anything else. The video feeds will only work on IE.

To enable the video feeds, go to Internet Options > Security > Trusted Sites > add… 16 palabras más


To be open or to be closed?

All media platforms can be pretty much divided into two groups, opened or closed.

Closed…“closed” system represents the old way of doing things: broadcasting from a single control point to a passive mass audience and allowing for virtually no feedback or participation.” 250 palabras más