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All Courses: Best browser for GradPoint

In every single class I’ve taught in GradPoint, from 6th grade Basic Math up to and including Calculus, at some point a student emails me about how the course isn’t recognizing a completed lesson or a passed quiz. 135 palabras más


Internet Explorer 9 end of support

Here is a little story about when Microsoft ended support for Windows Internet Explorer 9.

“Dad, watcha doing?” asked Jack.

“Erm… I have found out that Microsoft have ended support for Internet Explorer 9” 141 palabras más

It's the final countdown for SHA-1 SSL certificates

We’re in the final days of what are loosely known as SHA-1 SSL certificates. In certificates of this sort, the cryptographic hash or “message digest” that is used as a digital fingerprint is caclulated, as the name suggests, using the SHA-1 algorithm. 686 palabras más

Internet Explorer

412 Cookies are disabled

This blogpost is more a note to self, but sigh, I hate it when it does this…. show the 412 Cookies are Disabled error message when trying to open the Exchange Admin Center (EAC) in Exchange Online: 88 palabras más


Cara Cepat Setting Internet Options di Internet Explorer

Adakalanya kita ingin menggunakan browser dengan settingan sendiri baik itu di komputer pribadi atau di komputer lain. Bagi anda yang menggunakan browser internet explorer (saya belum menguji di browser lain), ada sebuah cara cepat untuk setting browser anda, yakni dengan cara export registry. 117 palabras más


The best web browser 2016

The best web browser 2016

Are you getting the best of the web? We all have our preferred web browser, and generally won’t even think about changing unless something goes disastrously wrong. 1.687 palabras más

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When your browser extensions go rouge...

A while ago I suspected at least one of my Chrome extensions to do funny things.

In the end it appeared that “Live HTTP Headers 1.0.8” went rogue a while ago and has by now been removed from the store as this link is gone:  477 palabras más

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