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google is systematically breaking i.e.

In an earlier post I described the war that’s going on among the big players:  Google and Microsoft, for example. Today’s entry relates to Google’s acquisition of… 136 palabras más


Debugging an Office 365 ADFS/SSO issue when accessing Office Store in browser

We recently came across an issue with a customer where they had configured a standard SSO experience with Office 365 using ADFS and it was working perfectly except for a specific use case.   857 palabras más

Office 365

Web ブラウザ世界大戦: IE と Chrome の7年間の興亡をマップで眺めてみる

See how Chrome beat out its competitors to become the most popular browser in the world

Nathan McAlone – Jul 14, 2016



There was a time when Microsoft’s Internet Explorer ruled the world. 136 palabras más


Configuring PHP/cURL on Windows/IIS HTTPS site

To get cURL work properly with HTTPS site on Windows Server using IIS, the usual advices are:

  1. use line curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER, false); to bypass the verification of the authenticity of the certificate, or…
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Internet Explorer

#189 How to refresh your browser

Now that you know what a browser is, this short video will how you how to refresh those browsers. This is especially useful when you’re creating online resources and you can’t view your changes immediately, sometimes you just need to hit the refresh button. 28 palabras más


Gamer-ish looking for game

While I don’t consider myself a gamer, I do realize to some the name would fit me since I do play a lot of tabletop gaming, such as card games, board games, and roleplaying games (I.e. 378 palabras más