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Get familiar with your internal instrument board, map out and start tweaking the equalizer of your psychology. Once they are discernible move the needles a bit toward the lighter, brighter spectra. 63 palabras más

How Others See Me?

People will stare at me. They will laugh at me and might say, “I’ve got now where to go?”

But despite of others that they’re losing faith at me, I’ll prove them wrong. 50 palabras más



I see my self as a different.

I see my self a person who thinks of others.

I see myself as a person who believes in the importance of art. 87 palabras más


Evaluate your Energy

I’ve become much more in tune with my energy and attitude as I’m going about my day.  This whole concept of “evaluating my energy” was a practice that helped me find more inner peace and has given me a feeling of empowerment as I spend my day working, living, or just hanging out; instead of simply just “doing”. 484 palabras más

Multiple Intelligences

For years I have been learning about education. I was actually planning on becoming a teacher from my life, but after traumatic circumstances I changed my path. 599 palabras más

P s y c h o - n e u r o - i m m u n o l o g y

Welcome dear reader!
Today we will be given a tutorial, brief overview and introduction on how the mind and heart interplay, how our thoughts determine the state of our body and how our hearts in some way is connected to everything that is around us. 786 palabras más

Tips On Living Harmonic