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The ear - Y clust

This week we have been learning about how we hear. Here are some of the posters and models that we made.


Investigating Sound

In Science we have been investigating how sound is made.

We undertook two investigations.

For the first investigation we investigated how our vocal chords vibrate when we speak. 82 palabras más


Tea Party Preparations

Today we baked lots of Welsh cakes and fairy cakes ready for our tea party.

We all enjoyed weighing the ingredients and following the recipes. The smell in Class 2 was wonderful! 40 palabras más


Agriculture and Environental Basics: Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Lady bugs and butterflies,
Buzzing bees up in the sky.
Teeny, tiny little ants,
Crawling up and down the plants
Many insects can be found… 455 palabras más

zeromq: an easy-to use IPC mechanism

Zeromq is a library that makes IPC as simple as reading and writing messages. No multithreading is required, as zermoq handles all the fuss of queuing and dispatching messages. 523 palabras más



Class One looked at pictures of different vehicles. We sorted the pictures into three sets, land, sea and air.