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UK Athletics chairman claims response to doping crisis is too slow

UK Athletics chairman Ed Warner (headpicture) believes the “pace of change remains too slow” in the fight against doping in the sport.

Warner’s claim came as the governing body launched a “Clean Athletics” brand, with the aim of reinforcing UK Athletics’ commitment to athletes competing free from performance-enhancing drugs. 567 palabras más


A Few Words from a Co-Director


Now that MUNUM 30 has finally come to an end, we have all had a day or so to settle back into our normal routines, I would just like to take the time to say that it was a joy coming to conference every day knowing that I would be working first hand with delegates with were unlike most every other delegate there. 142 palabras más

Goodbye MUNUM 30

By: Sarah Rooney

Well, it has finally happened: January 15th is here. After four days of rigorous debate, writing working papers and voting, the 30th annual MUNUM has come to an end. 303 palabras más

Teach the Unreached

By: Abby Pointer

On Friday, Pizza House hosted a fundraiser to benefit the MUNUM charity United World Schools. This organization is an essential component in “remote, post conflict” nations, offering free basic education for kids who would otherwise go their whole life with no chance of schooling. 205 palabras más

ALÓ (es) | Salarios irrisorios y un IPC "normal"

En el post de la semana pasada llamado “Nos obligan a adquirir por encima de nuestras posibilidades“, examinaba que la introducción de la moneda única, el euro, no es la principal causa de que en España los precios nos parezcan abusivos. 245 palabras más


#1inDenmark: Opening Ceremony

Dear nhật kí, hôm nay là tròn năm ngày Chó quay lại đất Đan Mạch. Không biết có phải ghét của nào trời trao của nấy không mà giờ Chó lại đặt chân lại trên đất này sau lần kêu than lên xuống hai năm về trước. 1.442 palabras más


WHO is setting your IPC agenda

The World Health Organisation has updated its 2009 Guidelines on Core Components of Infection Prevention and Control Programmes. The report highlights eight ‘core components’ for IPC: 1.273 palabras más

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