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Rio Paralympics to be “downsized” by authorities

A lack of funding will lead to major downsizing of the Paralympics scheduled for next month in Rio, writes Jack Burns.

The massive Deodoro Olympic Park where Olympic equestrian competitions took place is to be closed and dismantled, and the events held instead at a yet unspecified “standalone” venue. 433 palabras más

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Manufacturing Sedition: Amnesty Controversy and Beyond

Let me start this article with the disclaimer that till 30th of June this year, I was working with Amnesty International India as a senior campaigner and hence am quite aware of Amnesty’s position on Kashmir, among other things. 1.102 palabras más

Russian Paralympic Ban Shows How Little IOC Care

The Rio Olympics has transfixed the world with its showcase of top athletes competing for the ultimate prize of a gold medal. But many forget that it’s already a disaster for the IOC (International Olympic Committee) because there are Russian athletes competing in Rio. 704 palabras más


International Paralympic Committee Places Blanket Ban on Galactic Empire, First Order

In a landmark press conference held yesterday, the International Paralympic Committee, or IPC, announced that it will ban all athletes from both the Galactic Empire and the First Order. 437 palabras más

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Monday 8th August 2016

Monday 8th August 2016

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Banning Crippled Athletes a New Low in Hybrid War

Just when you think the Western elite has hit a new low in the hybrid war against Russia they outdo themself.

The IPC, which is run by the British, illogically and disgustingly banned Russian Paralympians in a move that is completely against the Olympic Charter. 641 palabras más


The Paralympic IPC Says I'm Not Disabled

Please forgive the rage that is about to ensue. This post is purely a “get it out of your head quickly” post.

This year I discovered wheelchair racing as a means to defy my enormous decline in physical health. 491 palabras más