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Parole and Furlough – Difference Between

A “regular parole” may be given in the following cases:
(i) Serious illness of a family member;
(ii) Critical conditions in the family on account of accident or death of a family member; 309 palabras más

Criminal Law

IOC And IPC To Partner Until 2032

Thomas Bach and Andrew Parsons, the respective Presidents of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), today signed a historic long-term agreement establishing a partnership between the two organisations until at least 2032.

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IPC warns Nigerian Senate against passing a bill which prescribes death sentence for hate speech

A media watch group has warned the Nigerian Senate against going ahead with the passage of a bill before it, which prescribes death sentence for ‘hate speech’, saying that it would crush the right of Nigerians to freedom of expression as guaranteed by the constitution of the country. 214 palabras más


Capitalise the C!

For those expecting a staunch defence of the English language, I apologise. You’ve inadvertently stumbled upon a PyeongChang 2018 listicle – five facts ahead of Friday’s Paralympic Games. 266 palabras más


IPC Shopping Centre – Cutting-Edge Redevelopment

I have recently visited IPC Shopping Centre which is not far away from my home, and found out that they had rebranded the whole shopping centre. 727 palabras más


A beginner's guide for protecting nanotechnology inventions - Part 1

Nanotechnology is the technology operating at the level of one hundredth of nanometer. Such a technology would operate at the level of few atoms organised in a beneficial manner which can constitute the design of the device that enables it to perform a specific task/action which in turn can contribute towards the industrial applicability of the device. 529 palabras más

Intellectual Property Rights

Troubled by mother’s plight, girl files false molestation case against father

Neighbourhood News Desk/Avi Arya:  Plight of her mother allegedly getting beaten up by her abusive father drove a 17-year-old girl to files a false molestation case against him, hoping that police would take some action.The man would allegedly beat his wife in a drunken state and police were not taking action against him despite their repeated complaints. 68 palabras más