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A reductive reading of Santhara - Shiv Visvanathan

“The court has held that extinguishing life, sacrificing it or effacing it cannot be considered as acts of dignity. A right to die cannot be a part of a right to life. 1.759 palabras más


"La protección contra la inflación"

El término inflación, en economía, se define como el aumento de precios de bienes y servicios en un periodo de tiempo. También se puede definir como la disminución del valor del dinero respecto a la cantidad de bienes o servicios que se pueden comprar con dicho dinero. 717 palabras más

Bajada Del Petróleo

The flawed reasoning in the Santhara ban - Suhrith Parthasarathy

“The Jaina practitioners contend that Santhara is not an exercise in trying to achieve an unnatural death, but is rather a practice intrinsic to a person’s ethical choice to live with dignity until death. 1.447 palabras más


What can we learn from the Right to Control?

The Right to Control was a new rights-based approach to support and services for disabled people. It brought together a range of government funding streams across social care, housing and employment with a view to improving people’s experiences across these funding streams and, ultimately, improving people’s lives. 1.315 palabras más


Santhara in the eyes of the law - Shekhar Hattangadi

“The systematic codification of Indian criminal law … began soon after the colonialists survived the blood-soaked Mutiny of 1857 and formally established the British Raj. The IPC, which forms the bulwark of our criminal jurisprudence, bears an 1860 vintage … and was drafted by Lord Thomas Macaulay who was known to be a devout Christian. 1.638 palabras más


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Half Moon Bay Photographer Named Gold Medalist at International Photographic Competition
Diane Costello of Fog Dog Studios is honored by peers and jurors for high-quality photography… 282 palabras más


Download, minify & resize images on a different processor core in Node.JS

We’ll explore how to use cluster (from the standard library), GraphicsMagick, and streams to efficiently process images without slowing down or blocking the Node.JS event loop… 2.094 palabras más

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