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What does integrated care mean for the Voluntary and Community Sector?

Last week I was invited to attend a residential with Integrated Personal Commissioning team (IPC) to develop plans for the South West roll out of personalised commissioning. 271 palabras más


Omron NS-Series Programmable Terminals Web Interface Default Credentials

Omron NS-Series Programmable Terminals which include NS12-TS01-V2, NS10-TV01-V2, NS8-TV01-V2, NS5-SQ11-V2, NS5-TQ11-V2 and NS5-MQ11-V2, have default credentials for web access according to the manual.

Enter the user name and password.

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Rainy Days and Mondays...

It’s dumping buckets here in Massachusetts and I don’t know about all of you, but that always puts a bit of a crimp in the beginning of a new week for me. 26 palabras más


Our new topic is called ‘Greenfingers’. Our topic will help us learn about seeds, what seeds need to grow and the best place to grow them. 51 palabras más


WAGO 758 Series IPC Controller Default Accounts

The WAGO 758 Series IPC controller has several default accounts. According to the wording of the documentation all of their IPCs probably have the same: 21 palabras más


SECURICO has been adjudged Zimbabwe’s 6th Best Employer 2014, a step up from being the 7th Best Employer for the past 3 years. This achievement speaks volumes to the level of involvement the company has bestowed in its 4000 plus strong workforce in driving for performance and success. 305 palabras más