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Nutty Coco Coconut Ice Cream ~ Ikano Power Centre

Coconut, a common fruit in Malaysia, has only recently experienced a boom in popularity as ice-cream. All of a sudden, everyone wants a piece of it – the most popular brands being… 372 palabras más

Kuala Lumpur

Hats off!

The International Permaculture Convergence provided me with the opportunity to have my first ‘real’ stall selling my knitting and crochet. Importantly, I felt that this was likely to be a receptive audience and, indeed, it provided an opportunity to chat to a regular stream of folks interested in my goods as well as the ethics of yarn, plus making some sales meant that I partially funded my attendance at the event. 343 palabras más


Today's Headlines

Below are some of the leading headlines today:

*UN, AU, ECOWAS, condemn coup in Burkina Fasso

*Buhari cancels visit to Cross River for groundbreaking of 260km highway… 196 palabras más


Arena Futuro é apresentada com jogo comemorativo da equipe brasileira de goalball

Ainda nas comemorações de um ano para os Jogos Paralímpicos de 2016, a Arena Futuro foi apresentada nesta terça-feira (08) para as autoridades e a imprensa internacional. 255 palabras más


🌼 Meningkatkan Taqwa Ba'da Ramadhan 🌼


Islamic Parenting Community

🌼 Meningkatkan Taqwa Ba’da Ramadhan 🌼


👤 Narasumber : Hj. Ninih Muthmainnah
🏠 IPC 4
👫 PJ Management : Maya, Ica, Fitri (Div Program IPC) 5.988 palabras más


Agra Police arrests the main accused, responsible for communal violence in Shamshabad

Agra Police arrested the main accused, responsible for communal violence in Shamshabad and sent him jail on Monday besides administration also tightened the security at religious places in different villages of Shamshabad. 226 palabras más