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The Must-Knows Before Market Opens (10/12/16)

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Weekly Top 3:

  • Pos Malaysia plans up to RM200m expansion
  • Apple investing into wind turbines?
  • China is upset with the European Union (EU)
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Weekly Commentary

A Simple Circular Buffer for Inter-Process Communication

Circular buffers are very commonly used by embedded programmers for communicating or coordinating activities between two processes, and it works on the principle of FIFO. To better understand the use of circular buffers, lets take an example… 588 palabras más

Embedded Software Systems

Presbytery Report

Presbytery was held at Christ Church, Derby (CCD). The congregation have joined us in the last 3 years and have been a huge encouragement. Jonty Rhodes was the Church Planter and, 5 years on from the beginning of the work, he is leaving early in 2017 to head to Leeds to plant… 595 palabras más

In the Pursuit of Charity - Unedited snippet

“So, Swimmer boy, what do you and Alexis have planned for today.” JoAnne asked as she started the coffees.

“Since you’re keeping her from providing me with company during my shift, thank you very much.” 662 palabras más


EPA Announces First Ten Substances to be Reviewed Under LSCA

On November 29, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the first 10 chemicals that will be undergo risk evaluations under the recently reformed Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA): 118 palabras más


Court Issues Preliminary Injunction Halting DOL Overtime Rule

A federal judge on Tuesday blocked the Department of Labor final overtime rule that would double the minimum salary threshold for salaried employees, indefinitely postponing the December 1 effective date while he weighs challenges to the rule. 200 palabras más


Elmatica and IPC-cooperation resulted in the most efficient ratification of an IPC amendment ever - will implement success-story from automotive to medical

IPC and Elmatica representative Jan Pedersen, have developed the first automotive addendum, IPC-6012DA. Now they will implement the success-story from automotive to the medical industry. One standard for each industry, a simplification of today`s jungle. 347 palabras más