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IPC message queue limits

This post is to regarding how to identify the limits pertaining to System V IPC message queue.


Summary: maximum number of bytes on a single System V IPC message queue… 257 palabras más

Kernel - Advanced

Financial Education for Kids

Review #4 IPC

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Fastelavn -The Story of Whacking a Miniature Barrel while Wearing a Costume (pictures to follow)

Fastelavn (Pronounced fest-el-ahn) is the name for Carnival in the Protestant nations of Northern Europe including Denmark. This holiday usually occurs on the Sunday before Ash Wednesday and has a few interesting traditions. 267 palabras más

Following the money can support personalised payment mechanisms: exploring the health payment system

Most discussion about health and social care is about how much money there is(n’t) in the system. Relatively little attention is given to how the money in health and social care flows through that system. 1.775 palabras más



Today we turned our photographs into art work.

Using some of the impressionist techniques we completed our seascapes (it was a little too cold to work outdoors like the original artists)

Class Five

Perawatan Kesehatan Gigi sesuai Usia Anak

Review #3 IPC

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