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We can divide the bus ride into two. The Malaysian part was very comfortable and simple. We slept, read, wrote, and took it easy. After a few hours, the boarder crossing came. 1.086 palabras más


309 IPC – criminalize suicide

309 IPC – criminalize suicide

Punish 1 Yr / fine

  • SC 1994 – decriminalized 309
  • SC 1996 – reversed it
  • 20th LCI also recommended to remove it…
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The Hindu

Capital Punishment

Yakub Memon’s death sentence has caused a spur in the topic and discussion over the validity of this punishment. We wonder are the lawmakers also the people who decide how far can a person live? 690 palabras más

Capital Punishment

Why Should I Buy Essential From a Wellness Advocate?

When I started my essential oil transformation, I definitely considered purchasing my oils from Amazon. It was a couple bucks cheaper, and usually I’m all about cheaper. 293 palabras más

Shitfest: Les Misérables or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Stabbing Myself in the Ears

Throughout the ages, we have looked upon this mysterious world we live in and asked some important questions: Where do we come from? Where are we going? 1.555 palabras más


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In IPC this week, we have been learning about colour mixing. We have completed lots of tasks. Our first was to use the primary colours made with food colouring. 111 palabras más


sec 499 / 500 of IPC which Criminalize defamation

Section 499+ 500 of IPC :-> Criminalize defamation

Ie. Jail for 2yrs if found guilty in defamation

what Petitioner want :

criminal defamation be converted to civil penelty… 148 palabras más