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Pemilihan-pemilihan pemimpin yang terjadi bulan-bulan lalu nampaknya masih meninggalkan luka. Banyak kemudian dari kalangan sendiri menyampaikan keberpihakanya pada suatu golongan dan kemudian masalah menjadi meluas. 164 palabras más

Manchester Bombings, more terrorist blowback

By Brennen Ryan


A recent suicide bombing has killed 22 people outside a concert in Manchester. The bombing is being attributed and claimed by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). 596 palabras más

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The Manchester Attack and Political Islam

Today, I write with great sorrow in my heart. There are no adequate words for circumstances like this. It is a testament to the fallen nature of our world that I am sitting here at my desk penning this. 785 palabras más

Beginners Guide To Islam

Disclaimer: There is a huge, fundamental difference between practicing religion and studying it. I am not condemning or condoning the practices of any religion only explaining what I have found through my own research. 941 palabras más


Manchester Bomber Identified as 22-Year-Old Salman Abedi...

The suicide bomber who detonated a bomb at a Manchester pop concert killing 22 people including young children has been named as 22-year-old Salman Abedi. 205 palabras más


What kind of a country are we living in, where younger generations are being taught not to step outside due to fear of being involved in a terrorist attack of some kind? 110 palabras más


Terror in Britain: Archaic Governance/Political Mentality that is Costing Lives

More lives taken from us today, this time mostly children and teenagers by the cowardly terrorist attack in Manchester. Should we be angry, of course we should. 682 palabras más