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We've Lost.

I detest political correctness.  I think it’s the enemy.  I mean there are many enemies, but they all come together under one rubric, which is one person is trying to tell another person how to think. 752 palabras más


New Jersey Town Used Zoning to Discriminate Against Islam

Source: The New York Times


A rendering of the proposed mosque in Bernards Township, N.J., which has been entangled in a protracted battle over parking spaces. 139 palabras más

The Muslim Times

Trump Changed His Tone on Islam—Will He Change Strategy?

Source: The Atlantic


To say that candidate Donald Trump adopted a sharply critical and un-nuanced tone on Islam would be the grossest of understatements. 459 palabras más

The Muslim Times

The Hypocrisy of the Right

This isn’t intended to aim at everyone who identifies as right-wing. Far from it. It’s intended as an observation of what I’ve been reading on Facebook and Twitter, since the attack in Manchester. 173 palabras más


The Unbinding of Isaac and the Manchester Attack

And they came to the place which God had told him of; and Abraham built an altar there, and laid the wood in order, and bound Isaac his son, and laid him on the altar upon the wood. 

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Notes on Manchester

Aidan talks about the Manchester bombing, which took place at Manchester Arena, England, on 22 May 2017. Aidan feels we need an honest debate on the issues which led to this latest outrage, and that liberals need to attend to a problem of their own: moral confusion. 62 palabras más


Islamic State-linked militants besiege Philippine city

ILIGAN CITY, Philippines (AP) — Islamic State group-linked militants swept through a southern Philippine city, beheading a police chief, burning buildings, seizing a Catholic priest and his worshippers and raising the black flag of IS, authorities said Wednesday. 1.077 palabras más

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