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Another chapter in a story the BBC stopped reporting in 2014

Back in May 2013 a BBC News website headline claimed that the International Criminal Court (ICC) had launched an inquiry “into Israeli raid on Gaza flotilla”. 670 palabras más


Hebron Plan is Israel’s Reminder to Palestinians that Settler Power knows no Limits

Proposed destruction of Hebron’s market to make way for a new settlement is Israeli government’s route to refashion its apartheid system as the rule of law… 1.078 palabras más

United States

Israel Threatens Iran With Its ‘Own Vietnam In Syria’

Israel’s defense minister said Syria can become Iran’s very own ‘Vietnam’ in a warning that came a day after Tel Aviv threatened Iran with a pre-emptive strike. 298 palabras más


Do Saudi Arabs Really Love Americans? by Ronald Enzweiler

The Saudis definitely don’t love Americans, and only their oil explains the American government’s long-time infatuation with the House of Saud. From Ronald Enzweiler at… 1.942 palabras más


Democrats impeach Jesus for the betrayal of Rome, obstruction of the Sanhedrin

Jerusalem (Plebeian Post) — The radical Democrat wing of the Lesser Sanhedrin today announced impeachment charges against Jesus of Nazareth, accusing him of betraying Rome and abusing his power by obstructing an investigation into a conspiracy to overthrow his political rival, the Emperor Tiberius. 240 palabras más