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Barcelona, Roger Waters, White Helmets

by Phillip Roddis

A Pink Floyd fan for half a century, and neutral on the band’s acrimonious eighties divorce, I was thrilled by Roger Waters’ denunciation – an unequivocal exception to the rule that celebs are intimidated by the Western world’s most powerful lobby – of an Israel I recently described as: 539 palabras más


Hamas Blames Israel for Hit on Palestinian Engineer: The War Has Shifted Abroad

According to Palestinians, Fadi al-Batash was ambushed at a mosque in Malaysia and shot by two unidentified motorcyclists ■ Victim’s family blames the Mossad ■ Malaysia: Foreign agents likely involved… 597 palabras más

131 - Israel 1446 B.C. - 931 B.C.

Hatikva- Israeli national anthem. The Holocaust and Second World War had ended. Surviving Jews, of both, began their journey to their covenant home land of Israel. 963 palabras más


Happy Israel 70 Years!

Seventy years ago David Ben-Gurion publicly read aloud Israel’s Declaration of Independence. According to the Gregorian calendar, that day was May 14, 1948.
According to the Jewish calendar that day was the fifth day of the month of Iyar in the year 5708.

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Israel Commentary

Ontario anti-racism committee members tied to racist JNF

By Yves Engler · April 20, 2018

Independent Jewish Voices and the United Jewish People’s Order’s exclusion from an Anti-Racism Directorate committee has rightly been…

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'A Place I Do Not Recognise': Palestinians Mark 70 Years of Israeli Injustice

The Israeli farming community of Tzipori is littered with clues – at least, for those prepared to look – to a way of life extinguished seven decades ago. 3.396 palabras más


India’s Secret Involvement in the War Against Yemen

Speculation has been rife over the past couple of years that Pakistan was clandestinely involved in the War on Yemen, but it turns out that it’s actually India which is the South Asian state playing a shadow role in this conflict. 1.233 palabras más