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Do elections offer hope for change? Peace remains absent in Israel and Palestine

by Rev. Paul Lansu
Senior Policy Advisor, Pax Christi Internationa

Elections in Israel took place on 9 April 2019. Elections are a key element in any democracy. 1.763 palabras más


Israel, Oh Israel

Israel, Oh Israel. How you are loved! Countless rise up against you but the Lord puts them down. 91 palabras más


Israel & UAE formed terrorist group to carry out tanker sabotage attacks

The nucleus of this new faction is composed of former members of al-Qaeda in Yemen, or the so-called Jihad base in the Arabian Peninsula, and those who managed to escape from the hell of Iraq and Syria, members of the Islamic state.

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Israeli Minister’s Draft Bill: 3 Years In Prison for Supporting PA Activity in Jerusalem

Palestine Chronicle | June 18 2019

Israel’s Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan has “proposed a new bill that would impose a maximum sentence of up to three years in prison for those who sponsor, finance, support or organize activities for the Palestinian Authority (PA)” in occupied East Jerusalem, reported 

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Ethnic Cleansing, Racism, Zionism

Have You Seen the Middle Eastern TV Series Fauda?

The first time hubby and I watched episode one of Fauda, we were not impressed. It consisted of a violent Israeli attack on a Palestinian wedding. 158 palabras más