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Anime Art Of The Week : Natsu Dragneel

Okay, I know I said my blog will contain stuff about anime and I just realized that I have only written one article on anime. That’s why today I am uploading my drawing of one of my favourite fire-users; Natsu Dragneel of Fairy Tail. 342 palabras más


[Transfic] Bụi tuyết

Pairing: NaruSasu

Category: SA, Romance, Angst

Author: Nightborn Dreamer

Link gốc: Powder Snow 

Disclaimer: Nhân vật trong fic đều không phải của mình. 9.835 palabras más


Top 10 Naruto Characters Too Awesome to Forget (PART 1!)

(NOTE: This is the PART 1 version of the two-part list post we have on the most awesome Naruto characters.)

Naruto’s manga series has already ended on November 10, 2014 and its anime adaptation is now closing to an end running its 398th episode on… 1.642 palabras más



Itachi Uchiha adalah tokoh antagonis dalam serial Naruto yang membunuh semua anggota klannya, uchiha kecuali adiknya, buronan yang paling dicari, ninja pelarian dan merupakan anggota Akatsuki –nama sebuah kelompok antagonis yang anggotanya merupakan para ninja pelarian yang mengkhianati desa mereka masimg-masing dan berlevelkan S (level yang sangat berbahaya)-yang terkuat. 1.071 palabras más


Itachi & Jiraiya

Day 10 of 365

Both named after heroes from The
Hidden Leaf.

So blessed to have Jiraiya be apart of our little family.

Love Always,