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Contact Lenses-Cosplay

Animegogo90 here,

Do you need contacts to cosplay? Different colors or designs. Every one of our contact lenses are FDA approved. Cosplaying or even just changing your eye color has never been so simple. 28 palabras más


Naruto Cosplay!

Animegogo90 here,

Do you like Sasuke Uchiha? Or even his brother Itachi? With sharingan eyes that seem to look right through your soul are even closer than you think. 20 palabras más


Convalescent Leave

Literally allowed to do nothing. Thanks to a ruck march, I fractured my upper femur. Awesome, right? No. Not really. Get to go back to training in two weeks though, so that’s the plus. 434 palabras más

Journal Posts

Lazy day

Do you know that days when you feel sooooooooo tired, you want to turn off alarm and sleep few more hours?

Right now I really feel like my ferret girls Itachi (dark) and Kamiko (light)… Sleepy :-) Look at their cute little tired faces <3… 84 palabras más

Anime Art Of The Week : Natsu Dragneel

Okay, I know I said my blog will contain stuff about anime and I just realized that I have only written one article on anime. That’s why today I am uploading my drawing of one of my favourite fire-users; Natsu Dragneel of Fairy Tail. 342 palabras más


[Transfic] Bụi tuyết

Pairing: NaruSasu

Category: SA, Romance, Angst

Author: Nightborn Dreamer

Link gốc: Powder Snow 

Disclaimer: Nhân vật trong fic đều không phải của mình. 9.835 palabras más