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Naruto Revisited Season 5: Connecting Old Words


It has been too long since my last Naruto review post. I’m so sorry to have left you hanging. I’m back now and I just realized that after this post I only have four more seasons to review before we’re on to… 661 palabras más

Grimm Otaku

Uchiha Itachi

I am always going to be there for you,

even if it is only as an obstacle

for you to overcome;

you and I have to live together,

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Recommend an MMORPG called Naruto Online to you. This game has legitimate authorization of BANDAI NAMCO. Both its image quality and the ways of play are quite good and I have played it for almost half a year. 296 palabras más


Naruto came to an end yesterday after nearly 15 years on the air, but the world its characters inhabit isn’t going away forever.

Viz Media confirmed today it acquired the rights to… 143 palabras más

Naruto Shippuden anime ends with 500th episode

February is the month of love, when spring first starts stirring in the air. So what better time could there have been to celebrate Naruto and Hinata’s marriage with  267 palabras más

Naruto Shippuden: Fated Battle Between Brothers (Episodes 134-143)

This arc focused on Sasuke and Itachi’s relationship as brothers and as enemies. Seeing the two brothers finally fight after such a long time, it was great seeing them resolve their conflicts. 261 palabras más


TMG: Timing is Everything

Smoke? There was smoke. The muffins!

Naruto bolted from his desk, swinging around his bedroom door frame and skidding over the kitchen linoleum. No, no, no, no! 234 palabras más