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Naruto-Lessons to be learnt.

Naruto is one of my personal best anime.Life will never be the same after you watch this.It changes your perspective of life,goal,friendship,family etc.



Konoha’s Darkness and Boruto’s Dojutsu: a Mutated Byakugan??

The lastest episodes of the Boruto series has answered a lot of questions we have had for some time and it has also raised up some new ones. 461 palabras más

Comparison between Boruto and a young Naruto

Boruto’s character development in the anime has been going well but we can see a lot of similarities between him and a young Naruto but there are also a lot of differences between those two that it can be hardly said that Boruto is just a copy to Naruto at his age. 363 palabras más

Boruto's First Villain

After 13 episodes, the first villain in Boruto has been revealed and also in funny circumstances. She was a classmate of Boruto and a seemingly witless one and her reveal was surprising. 293 palabras más

Itachi vs Natsu

One of the favorite past times for anime lovers is comparing characters from different animes to see how each match up. Its usually easier to match up characters with similar powers such as powers who both lightning or Ice type of powers. 736 palabras más