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Naruto Shippuden: Itachi Shinden-hen Anime Teaser Video

The Naruto Shippuden official website streamed a 30-second anime teaser video showing the latest television anime adaption of the Naruto spinoff novel called Itachi Shinden. The anime will premier on the 3rd of March 2016, which is in less than a months time. 96 palabras más


Anime for Itachi-Hiden!

The March issue of Shueisha’s  Saikyo Jump magazine that the Naruto spinoff novels  Itachi -Shinden (The True Legend of Itachi) will begin its anime journey on March 3. 352 palabras más


[Preview] Uchiha Sasuke no Sharingan Den (うちはサスケの写輪眼伝)

Yap, bisa dilihat dari covernya tuh komik ini menggambarkan sisi lain Sasuke yang gak pernah bisa kita lihat di manga/animenya dan ceritanya agak-agak gimana gitu deh. 29 palabras más

[Preview] Itachi Shinden: Book of Dark Night (イタチ真伝 暗夜篇, Itachi Shinden An'ya-hen)

Seperti shinden Sasuke sebelumnya, Itachi shinden juga belinya di kinokuniya Plaza Senayan. Harganya sekitar Rp. 140 ~ 250 ribu lupa harga pasnya berapa. gomenasai (´;ω;`) 121 palabras más

The Role of the Older Sibling - Itachi Uchiha

Last night, I watched the story arc where Madara explained to Sasuke Itachi’s true motives behind killing the whole Uchiha clan with my sisters. This really spoke to me, as I saw the intense pain Itachi endured in order to protect his brother reminding me of my role as the older sibling. 944 palabras más

Different Values, Would It Still Work?

So this is a topic that I feel a lot of people have trouble with. It’s not just affecting their relationships, but also family and among friends as well. 658 palabras más


Uchiha Itachi: Genius or Failure?

Uchiha Itachi, a character loved by many anime fans,often described as a genius and a hero who sacrificed himself for the sake of peace. Itachi the murderer, the brother, the pacifist who killed his own clan to maintain peace and to save his brother’s life. 1.096 palabras más

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