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Sebenernya itachi bukan orang jahat dia membantai 1 clan karena suruhan Danzou, dia juga janji sama obito biar bisa balas dendam sama klan uchiha dengan syarat obito gak boleh ngehancurin konoha & dketin sasuke! 354 palabras más


NEETaku Asks: Why Is Sasuke So Emo?

For all the issues that people have with the original Naruto series, there’s always been one thing that I’ve found no one ever brings up: Why Is Sasuke So Emo?  407 palabras más


My Stomach is in Knots

Sam Update!

This is a bit of a side adventure about fanfiction. But it’s also a story about writing the story in your heart and believing in yourself, and how good things can happen when you doubt yourself the most. 1.182 palabras más


Top 5 Emotional Anime Scenes

Hi Guys please feel free to comment, everyone will have a different opinion and its good to know them.

  1. Portgas D. Ace – One Piece…
  2. 14 palabras más

HOT Anime Naruto Itachi Cosplay Necklace Accessory Wholesale The

“Naruto” anime film combines several types and sub-genres, but if you question about several basic genres of “Naruto” series you will get the next ones: drama, action, fantasy and comedy. 299 palabras más


Bir manga ya da anime severseniz eminim bu kelimeye bir yerden size tanıdık gelecektir. Amaterasu ile animelerin şahı Naruto ile tanıştım. Henüz izlemediyseniz şiddetle tavsiye ederim. 216 palabras más

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