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Siapa Idola Kesukaan EXID?

Para member EXID (tanpa Solji) menjadi bintang tamu radio KBS CoolFMLee Hong Ki’s Kiss the Radio,” di mana mereka menyatakan idola kesukaan mereka belakangan ini. 70 palabras más


To our 25 year old selves: Plain Palette.

The beautiful thing about being 25 is you’re “not young enough nor old enough”; use that to your advantage. Learn about yourself and enjoy it. Travel. 330 palabras más

IU Bawakan Lagu “Dear Name” Diiringi Live Band

IU tengah disibukkan dengan promosi album studio keempat, “Palette”, namun ia masih menyempatkan diri untuk membawakan secara live lagu “Dear Name” yang menyentuh. 73 palabras más

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After whirlwind month, Miller settling into Indiana job

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (AP) — Archie Miller left the Assembly Hall suite Tuesday, walked down a few steps and immediately started snapping cellphone photos of the empty arena. 679 palabras más

College Basketball

G-Ddragon's Cool Rap Surprises With Lyrics to IU's "Palette" Track

It happened last Friday, 21st April 2017. For the fans, it felt like a dream come true. For me too. Well, not exactly that romantic, but I am FOR SURE thrilled to hear a track where… 129 palabras más

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Make sure you eat well, because it’ll all pass
You’ll be able to fall asleep like you did before
I pray from the bottom of my heart…

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