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Joe Jonas Dances With The Jabbawockeez To Uptown Funk! (Video)

Remember the Jabbawockeez? I’m not exactly sure how you could forget them, because they are best dance group I have ever seen and they wear white face masks, but in case you are not familiar with them they got their start on the MTV show America’s Best Dance Crew and they stole the hearts of America because they were soooo good! 104 palabras más


NBC Tuesdays: I Can Do That (Episode 2)

***Kind of Spoiler Alert***

(***for those who haven’t seen episode 2***)

Last week, episode dos of NBC’s I Can Do That did not strike me as exciting as the premier, but I am happy to say that the… 239 palabras más

Alan Ritchson

Wakin' up in Vegas.


A few days before Memorial Day weekend we decided we wanted to take a trip that weekend. So we booked a hotel, got in our car, and vroom vroom we go. 690 palabras más

(not-so-secret) Life Of B's.

A New Generation of Hip Hop

A new hip hop has no definite sequence. Hip hop, which is defined as the ways of moving from one place to another through space, is done by the way of walking, hopping, jumping, leaping and breakdancing. 473 palabras más

A Little Trip pt 2 - No Regrets

Well, that was a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. My motivation for an in depth post has waned, but I will do my best to give some details about the rest of my trip. 310 palabras más


WATCH: The Jabbawockeez 'Shake It Off' With Showbiz Shelly In Vegas!

The Jabbawockeez met up with Shelly in Vegas and dished about their Vegas residency at the Luxor, their favorite performances and the one time they toured with Taylor Swift.


Episode 13 - Viva Las Vegas!/Rachel's Birthday

Episode 13…

We go on the road to celebrate Rachel’s 30th birthday! Rachel gets a little tipsy on the night of her birthday, we discuss Vegas and shows, and give our immediate review of Jabbawockeez and Cirque du Soleil’s KA. 63 palabras más