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Jabulani searched the faces. So innocent-looking, all of them. He doesn’t know what to think anymore. Tebogo had advised him to tear the small, scented card in his hand to bits and imagine he never saw it. 302 palabras más

Flash Fiction

Jabulani Leffall: The Affectation of Effective Casual Effects

Funny how all this reading on screens can turn the observant and subjective mind dyslexic in a sense. Nothing stays anymore, comprehension dying an involuntarily death in an instant. 40 palabras más


Dispatches from Dakar: the Lions of Teranga are ready

words by Kristian Strømsaas

Spirits are high among the people and vendors on the streets of Dakar. Many believe that this will be the year they finally win the trophy and the street vendors are expecting to profit selling flags, replica shirts and any other imaginable item covered with the Senegalese flag. 1.128 palabras más

Africa Cup Of Nations 2015

Jabulani Leffall: The Surveillance Statis

Everybody is just watching and logging in now, reading on phones and computers about what’s on television; then watching television, then commenting on mobile phones about what’s on television. 81 palabras más

Jabulani Leffall

Jabulani Leffall: Ex-Careerist

I wonder was it coincidence or a divine plan to make me go into business journalism, to study transactions to study who buys and sells whom and for what price. 52 palabras más

Jabulani Leffall

Jabulani Leffall: The Rush Hours

The world now resembles a human brain, one that is over stimulated. There is such a thing as too much bandwidth. The traffic creates a jam and by extension pollution. 67 palabras más

Jabulani Leffall

Jabulani Leffall: The New New Nothing

“The New, New Nothing”

1. Synergy, Milestones and Global Solutions for a Global World

2. With Global Deliverable and integrated, integrations of networking frameworks.

3. For a new paradigm in strategic strategy. 19 palabras más

Jabulani Leffall