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In the decade of the 60’s, during the summer of love, a new poet came to the literary world of Mexico, a man from Chiapas whose words and verses the world fell in love with: Jaime Sabines. 622 palabras más


Jaime Sabines: Your body by my side

Your body by my side is

easy, sweet, quiet.

Your head on my chest repents

with eyes closed

and I look at you and smoke… 311 palabras más

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love suddenly
found in the oyster of death,
I want to eat with, be, love with you,
touch and watch you.
I tell myself, the blood pulsing… 103 palabras más


Reading: Pieces of Shadow by Jaime Sabines

Today I found a poem by the Mexican poet Jaime Sabines (1926-1999) in a translation by W.S. Merwin. According to Octavio Paz he was one of the greatest. 365 palabras más