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1403. Upfest 2017 (160).

There is an interesting story to this collaboration ‘Girl and Death’ in so much as it was not a planned collaboration at all…it just kind of happened. 272 palabras más


How to lose 10 Pounds - YouTube

Javi Agular lost 50 pounds following my videos over the last year and now wants to lose the last 10 pounds to get him to his goal. 10 palabras más

Brighton Rocks #9 - Javi from grasshopper

What’s the best thing about Brighton?
The north laine, the music scene, the Pride parade, drinking on the beach… it’s where I’ve grown up and I love all of it 216 palabras más


You Turn 2 Today

Today is your 2nd birthday.
Writing that line is such a pain.
You will not be with us to celebrate it.
And that is more painful. 216 palabras más

How To Deal With Child Loss

Day 20: Enjoying the city life

Start: Mile 298.5, Elevation 4622 feet – Off trail in Los Angeles

Finish: Mike 298.5, Elevation 4622 feet – Off trail in Los Angeles

Total mileage (including detours): 7.6 miles… 720 palabras más

Day 19: A planned surprise exit

Start: Mile 286.7, Elevation 6459 feet – Campsite on island in dry creek

Finish: 298.5, Elevation 4622 feet – Splinter Cabin Day Use Area

Total mileage (including detours): 17.6 miles… 1.773 palabras más