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Day 20: Enjoying the city life

Start: Mile 298.5 – Off trail in Los Angeles

Finish: Mike 298.5 – Off trail in Los Angeles

Total mileage (including detours): 7.6 miles

Net and total elevation: 0… 716 palabras más

Day 19: A planned surprise exit

Start: Mile 286.7 – Campsite on island in dry creek

Finish: 298.5 – Splinter Cabin Day Use Area

Total mileage (including detours): 17.6 miles

Net elevation: -1973 feet… 1.770 palabras más

Happy Birthday Maui!!

Maui celebrated her birthday with a few of her friends

8 years old!!

Birthday Girl showing off her new bling

Mr Javi, Mr Benny & Mr Finn… 37 palabras más

Casa Bohanon

Pride Over Pity: Book Review

If any of y’all know me in real life, one of my favorite shows is Teen Mom. I feel like I have seen these women and their children grow up over the years. 801 palabras más

I Do And Adieu!

The First 100 Days Of Losing A Son

February 4.

It has been 100 days since Javi left.

Just like that.

Sometimes it feels longer than that.

How many everyday routines he have missed. 700 palabras más


Sights set on Mexican wolf recovery contribution

The carnivore department at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is hopeful its most recent breeding pair will contribute to the Mexican Wolf Recovery Program.

Fossil Rim acquired a two-year-old male Mexican gray wolf, “Javi,” in early October, 2016. 817 palabras más