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Kinza Hashmi An Emerging Artist

Kinza Hashmi is a Pakistani role player, model, RJ, and host. The show biz attracted Kinza since childhood and she forever wished to be a part of this industry. 470 palabras más

Fashion & Beauty

Chapter 1. Part 5

Jazmin walked into her house confused about what had just happened. She had never felt this way before, a mixture of desire and anger. It was late and she expected to go straight to her room and sleep until at least 1:00pm tomorrow, a habit she indulged in to avoid hangovers. 551 palabras más

Novel Project

Thought for the day .....

Good Morning and Welcome to Friday the 28th day of December, 2018.

The SUN is shining brightly in the morning sky.

Today is the birthday of one of my friends and neighbours “S” ….. 475 palabras más

Thought For The Day