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Instructions Not Included (No se aceptan devoluciones)

by Ken B.

The great British director Stephen Daldry once said something I didn’t quite like when I first heard it. He noted that when showing one of his films to test audiences, he observed how they would go along with it, enraptured by the plot and characters at every plot point. 733 palabras más

Ken B.

Instructions Not Included ~ No se aceptan devoluciones

This is a beautiful film from 2013. There’s plenty of cheesy,  slapstick, physical comedy, along with cross-cultural humor. It’s really marketed toward bilinguals, but I think anybody can enjoy it because it has the most endearing father-daughter love story. 16 palabras más


Funny and Touching and in Spanish

I’ll start off this post by just telling you to go see this movie.

Go see this movie.

Yes, it’s in Spanish.  You will have to read the subtitles.  260 palabras más


Flash Movie Review: Instructions Not Included

The past weekend was exhaustive for me. It was one of those where everything had to precisely coordinate like a finely tuned Swiss made watch. I even had to schedule in bathroom times. 414 palabras más