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THE MEASURE OF A MAN: Part II-Steve Outtrim and the Cyberspace of the Prince of the Power of the Air

They set their mouth against the heavens, and their tongue walketh through the earth.  Psalm 73:9

In Part I, it was noted that Steve Outtrim is a self-appointed emissary for the… 1.890 palabras más

Conspiracy Media

A Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace

One of the seminal pieces by John Perry Barlow. Worth to remember, in this times where freedom of expression is being curtailed by censorship, and where cyberspace is being used against its founding principle of openess and equality, to negatively influence and disinform. 850 palabras más


Hackers & Users

A couple weeks ago, the Duke Law & Technology Review published a special symposium issue in honor of the late John Perry Barlow—lyricist for The Grateful Dead, internet pioneer, and co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. 2.104 palabras más

Art And Literature

I Will Take You Jam

Twenty-nine years ago this week, the Grateful Dead performed “I Will Take You Home,” a Brent Mydland song written with Bob Weir friend and collaborator John Perry Barlow, for the last time in a concert at what then was known as Foxboro Stadium outside of Boston. 98 palabras más