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The Heart of Life

Tomorrow will be the 1 year anniversary of my brother, Josue’s departure to the Great Beyond. I miss him every day, but I am determined to keep his memory alive and to live an amazing life. 504 palabras más


We Are One

Drops streak cheek to cheek,

Sliding singular then joined, liquid salt of innards,

Waltz smooth to acceleration, zoom zoom zoom past oblivion,

Back to ground, back to present, back to body… 290 palabras más


From the Abyss to Gratitude

Gratitude is powerful and potent. It can transform a moment of despair into one of love; reach inside & cause a rumble, a light-heartedness, a laugh to bubble up and give joy. 448 palabras más


In Dreams – A Letter to the Great Beyond

Dearest Josh,

I saw you again tonight- beautiful, young, and healthy.  I do not remember the roles we played or the content of our conversation, but I do recall the details of your face and the boundlessness of your roaring laughter. 390 palabras más


"For It Is In Giving That We Receive"

We’d like to thank the anonymous donor from Pilgrim Congregational Church in Lexington, MA who recently donated a brand new laptop. This morning we delivered the gift to 17 year old “Josue”, who is currently living at The Constitution Inn located in Charlestown. 128 palabras más


Embrace Change or Life Will Put a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Submission Hold on You

Change and I have never been friends. We have tolerated each other like relatives only seen during holiday festivities, funerals, and weddings.  This is particularly odd in my case since I spent most of my childhood moving with furniture, against my will, across state lines. 942 palabras más


19 - Mono en el medio

Josué: Conquistador

19 – Mono en el medio.

El dolor asalto la consciencia de Akavish desde múltiples puntos. Su boca estaba seca. En semi-consciencia trató de abrirla, pero sus sedientos labios no se separaban. 2.529 palabras más