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Aprendemos y Jugamos

Jugar es fundamental y aquí obtendrás tips para fomentar el aprendizaje a través del juego.


TOYS: Put the letters in their correct place

    We are children most of the time, we still playing with toys. We always had a favourite toy. 146 palabras más


Cool Cats on Un Nuevo Día

Y tu experto en accesorios de mascota ha regresado! (Your pet accessories expert is back!) On Wednesday, Oct. 18, I returned to Telemundo’s Un Nuevo Día to talk about what our favorite whiskered friends prefer when playing and why they truly are as lucky, and smart, as we think they are! 6 palabras más


Cost of state’s train crisis tops $51m

{“contentType”:”NEWS_STORY”,”id”:{“value”:”aa04658a31dec1a8c67c89102babbac1″,”link”:”http:\/\/\/content\/v2\/aa04658a31dec1a8c67c89102babbac1″},”originId”:”ba98f33a-ba12-11e7-8321-3dda0d069c76″,”origin”:”METHODE”,”channel”:”WEB”,”title”:”Cost of state\u2019s train crisis tops $51m”,”subtitle”:”Consultants paid $10m to fix QR\u2019s rail fail debacle”,”description”:”

QUEENSLAND Rail spent $10.5 million on consultants to help fix its

Big Spend


GAMES: Circle the toys

Vocabulary is really important so we are going to learn or review some words related to the topic “TOYS”. Read the headline and find the correct toy clicking over it. 37 palabras más