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Certified Copy Review

Fascinating as it may be to find yourself lost in a country you don’t speak the language of, Certified Copy attempts to make it look like a mundane experience. 407 palabras más


Ghost In The Shell (2017)

In the 2017 live action adaption of the classic manga “Ghost In The Shell,” Major Mira Killian, played by Scarlett Johansson, rides this motorcycle as she searches for Hideo Kuze. 57 palabras más


Hidden/Caché (2005) - Collective Guilt and Privacy

There is a scene about midway through Hidden where a news report detailing a need for greater openness about the Iraq War plays out. Our protagonist announces “about time”. 636 palabras más


IFG Poll 129: Favourite Juliette Binoche Films

She may have won an Oscar for The English Patient, but is that your favourite of Juliette’s films? Please vote for your top FIVE of her films in the poll below. 97 palabras más


Trailer: "Non-Fiction" with Juliette Binoche

Alain and Léonard, a writer and a publisher, are overwhelmed by the new practices of the publishing world. Deaf to the desires of their wives, they struggle to find their place in a society whose code they can no longer crack.

66 palabras más

REVIEW: The Clouds of Sils Maria (2014)

A note that this reviews spoils a little more of the film’s plot than I usually would. Short version of this review is that it is a profoundly excellent film and you should see it. 1.007 palabras más