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The Art of the Novel-Essay: Valeria Luiselli's Radically Collaborative 'The Story of My Teeth'

US literary culture has a way of marginalizing works of collaboration, especially when they’re written in conjunction with art exhibitions or “politicized” groups, like workers or prisoners. 904 palabras más


Date night 

When you have been with someone for a few years and you both work hard, “Netflix and chill” becomes a regular way of spending your Friday nights. 181 palabras más


Just in time for the party!

 Hello there!!!! Long, very long time no see. When I last posted I was in Brazil getting ready to come to London to study. Now almost 4 months later, I finally have some spare time to blog and work on my own things again. 357 palabras más


#FBF to an amazing #museum in #mexicocity where I was 🙌 enough to have gotten to see an amazing exhibition of one of my favorite #artists 🎨 = #CyTwombly #museojumex #art #cultureday #design #jumex #abstractexpressionism

Lies and other truths

Arrow points to note on front of can -> Mangos are an excellent source of Vitamin A

Listing of nutritional information….the can provides 0% of your daily recommended intake of Vitamin D. 219 palabras más

Fighting The Demons

Jumex: from Fruit Juice to Art Juice.

La semana pasada I AM tuvo la oportunidad de visitar y conocer uno de los espacios más importantes de arte contemporáneo de América Latina:  El museo Fundacion Jumex en la Ciudad de México. 503 palabras más

I AM International

Jumex, juice turned into art

Well, after the mayhem of the last few weeks – I had to cancel my trip to NYC, fired the nanny etc.- things got slowly back to normal. 494 palabras más