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Galaxy Dress

I’m in my element with my galaxy dress and mermaid clutch.

Dress: H&M/ Clutch: Primark/ Pumps: Jumex/ Watch: Michael Kors

Modernist Dress

I feel like I’m wearing a painting.

Dress: Promod/ Bag: Aliexpress/ Pumps: Jumex/ Watch: Fitbit Surge

Drink Reaction: Jumex- Mango Nectar

Hola, Rad Blog!

Today I have this big ol’ thing of mango nectar from a company called Jumex. I don’t think I’ve done a Jumex drink before, but I have seen their products in stores before. 949 palabras más


Tartan Dress

I love this tartan autumn dress.

Dress: Aliexpress/ Bag: Fendi/ Pumps: Jumex

London Chic

You can never go wrong with stripes and a red accent.

Blazer: H&M/ Top: Taifun by Gerry Weber/ Pants: C&A/ Pumps: Jumex/ Bag: Aliexpress

Black & Color

I combined one of my more colorful skirts with black to make it pop even more.

Top: WE/ Skirt: Andrea Gayle/ Bag: Vintage/ Pumps: Jumex/ Necklace: Aliexpress

Tartan & Leather

I wore my red and black tartan blouse with a leather skirt and black pumps.

Tartan Blouse: H&M/ Skirt: Promod/ Clutch + Necklace: Aliexpress/ Pumps: Jumex/ Watch: Fitbit