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Museo Jumex and Museo Soumaya - A Visual Guide

Museo Jumex – This is much less visited than the Museo Soumaya but is directly across from it. Both are located in the wealthy Polaco district of Mexico City. 87 palabras más


Warhol, trascendiendo el tiempo

by S P O T T E D

Andy Warhol dijo una vez que “la idea no era vivir para siempre, es crear algo que lo hará” y es exactamente lo que hizo. 275 palabras más


Galaxy Dress

I’m in my element with my galaxy dress and mermaid clutch.

Dress: H&M/ Clutch: Primark/ Pumps: Jumex/ Watch: Michael Kors

Modernist Dress

I feel like I’m wearing a painting.

Dress: Promod/ Bag: Aliexpress/ Pumps: Jumex/ Watch: Fitbit Surge

Drink Reaction: Jumex- Mango Nectar

Hola, Rad Blog!

Today I have this big ol’ thing of mango nectar from a company called Jumex. I don’t think I’ve done a Jumex drink before, but I have seen their products in stores before. 949 palabras más


Tartan Dress

I love this tartan autumn dress.

Dress: Aliexpress/ Bag: Fendi/ Pumps: Jumex

London Chic

You can never go wrong with stripes and a red accent.

Blazer: H&M/ Top: Taifun by Gerry Weber/ Pants: C&A/ Pumps: Jumex/ Bag: Aliexpress