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100+ Idol Debuts - Chapter 8 - Twins

When we left off last Changmin had just become a toddler. The first order of business was ensuring that there would be no accusations of cheating to be had. 937 palabras más


100+ Idol Debuts - Chapter 7 - Jealous

When we last left off, Jessica had just become a toddler. Since she’s not Independent, she does need help initially with potty training. Yunho gets roped into doing that. 460 palabras más


100+ Idol Debuts - Chapter 6 - Gee

When we left off last, Taeyeon had just become a toddler. First order of business for Korea was making sure Don knew it was over. Being a Commitment Issues Sim, Don had no issues just being friends. 482 palabras más

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161029 JYJ’s Junsu attains his 300th musical performance… what about this accomplishment and its significance?

JYJ’s Junsu is about to hold his 300th musical performance. Six years have passed since his debut in 2010 in the musical “Mozart”, he has participated since in seven different productions, and on the 29th this month, with the last act of “Dorian Gray” musical, he will attain his 300th performance. 865 palabras más

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160906 JYJ’s Junsu reveals his thoughts about appearing in “Dorian Gray” musical – “I’d like you to watch it attentively while cheering on us”

JYJ’s Junsu was straightforward when expressing his feelings about being cast in “Dorian Gray” musical production.

A press conference was held on the afternoon of the 6th for the musical “Dorian Gray”, which opened in Seongnam Art Center. 111 palabras más

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160703 JYJ’s Junsu completed his concerts in Kobe ““I believe I will forever remember this moment”

JYJ’s Junsu successfully completed the Kobe performances of his Asia tour: “I believe I will forever remember this moment”

As expected from JYJ’s Junsu: he totally rocked Kobe, painting it in his own colors. 327 palabras más

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160618 About the popular “Genie Time” corner in JYJ Junsu’s concerts: “making fans’ wishes come true”

Let’s now bring forth the topic of JYJ Junsu’s classic corner during his concerts: “Genie Time”.

An office affiliated to C-JeS Entertainment reported today: “today (18th June) through the portal site Daum1boon, we published  245 palabras más

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