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Little farting unicorns, farting out rainbows…(repeat x500) (this is a song)!

This blog is in commemoration of unicorns.

Unicorns are made of corn.

Fun fact: Unicorns do NOT barf out rainbows. 100 palabras más


Thanks a lot...

Cali: I love you!

Me: Awwww, baby, I love you too!

Cali: Um, no mommy, I’m talking to my sippy cup.

Thanks, sweet darling baby girl….


Welcome to Mr. Pauls English lesson.
Please be ready with your writing books and pens.
Always use the same writing book every week.
Never ever call Mr. 224 palabras más


Just Kidding

So this morning I find myself in line to get gas at Costco for my Ubering today. When I noticed the guy in front of me yelling at the woman in the line next to us. 138 palabras más

The Way of the Jaba

First of all, The Way of the Jaba is a lifestyle. It’s how we cope with everyday situations and it’s a mindset for living. It’s better than Christianity and every other religion! 428 palabras más


Animals | I iz pirat hurrdurr :D

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Description From Photographer if Any:

Luna is always good for a funny-catface-shot :D Check my gallery out for “Luna in action”-pictures ;-) Cheers

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