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My Friday in The Big Lebowski gifs

Me when my alarm rings at 6am:

My on my ride in reading emails from the night before:

Me from about 8:30 when I get into the office to about 10:30 when my coffee and food start to kick in: … 103 palabras más


What's the Question?

This is one of the cards from club this month.  I love the sentiment!  My guys will tell you that’s exactly how I think.

Just Kidding… 163 palabras más

Stampin' Up

A Sweater, A Ring, and Some Heartbreak

A man and a woman walk through the park together, holding hands. They pass an old woman sitting on a bench. The old woman is knitting a small, red sweater. 1.191 palabras más

Personal Raves

#TheDownLowMinute w #LucyLopez - Rihanna, JLo & Drake.

A video surfaced yesterday of RIHANNA partying with some friends, and it LOOKS like she’s SNORTING COKE. But Rihanna fought back against someone who accused her of snorting, by claiming the only substances she was enjoying were marijuana and tobacco.she went as far as commenting on the instagram account that posted the video, “ your lame ass got some nerve!!!  164 palabras más


A 'foolproof' plan

This blog post was initially planned for publication the week of April Fool’s Day. Because of communication and technical errors, it’s a couple week’s late, but still here for your enjoyment! 234 palabras más


I've Decided To Kill Animals Again And I Think I'm A Better Person For It

Starting in November 2014, I decided to adopt a high carb/low fat vegan diet. Why? Well, because I had a history of eating disorders, drug abuse, alcohol abuse and weight problems. 680 palabras más

Tennessee Nurse Reveals Long-Hidden Proof That Elvis Is Quentin Tarantino's Daddy

Yesterday, a story hit the Internet that’s absolutely too good to believe! But a nurse on her deathbed swears it’s true. According to Regina Bell Wilcox… 1.234 palabras más