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Red Jaime Strikes Again!

(She just wants to climb inside that painting.)

Hymaenistra Strikes Again.

(Is all tha world jails & churches?)


ANOTHER VISIT TO THE ORACLE… 1.213 palabras más

4 Line Stories: This Post Has Been Canceled 

I asked Mickey if he would do a post with me

His asking price was astronomical

So I found a stand in, totally uncooperative

I canceled the post, I apologize… 9 palabras más


I Think, Therefore Miami

The thinking man
Will claim his right to be

That being is as thinking
So you see

Nothing is, but
Thinking makes it so

And lost in thought
These beings come and go


How to Start a Russian Purge

As the United States grapples with fears that the Kremlin is meddling in its political processes, it is worth mentioning that many in Vladimir Putin’s government believe the reverse: that agents of the West are attempting to engineer regime change in Russia, and that measures must be taken to stop them. 1.850 palabras más


Why Being a Mom Means I Won't be Able to do it All

If you are a mom, then you probably already know the answer to this. If you’re a dad and reading this, then I’m guessing you have it figured out too. 759 palabras más

Me Myself And I'm A Mommy

Undocumented immigrants celebrate the Fourth of July more than documented American citizens