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Teaching in Seoul: Part Deux!

How thee now, brown cow?

This post shall discuss two things.

  1. Students: darlings and devils.
  2. Apartments: bugs, bills and black mold.

First, the students. I teach grades 4-6, so ages 10-13ish. 709 palabras más

Delicate Squint

CAL: Five hours of sleep.

HERA: Four.

CAL: Three hours of sleep.

HERA: Two.

[A cool cat swiffs itself across the linoleum, wiping it clean but leaving a trail of black hairs… 373 palabras más


Help Decks

There’s a problem in the garden partition; it’s not the stupid’s fault for being stupid. I don’t try too hard. Failure gathers in the bleaches of my belly. 105 palabras más


Make an Omelette: Amateur style

I Teach You How to Make an Egg- The Olipeno Omelette Edition (Based on a true story)


It’s a dry Wednesday. After an early morning class in absolute swelter, you skip college and stay in for the remaining of the day. 509 palabras más

Gambar yang bisa bikin kamu salah fokus

Meme Salah Fokus Banyak sekali beredar saat sekarang ini dan menjadi salah satu trend di kalangan para pencinta Meme.

Aduh, Kerudungnya cantik deh. Jadi Pengen Memiliki mbak-mbak nya…

31 palabras más

What If This is Trump's Game?

I’ve said in the past that perhaps Donald Trump’s presidential run is less about attaining the office, and more about Trump going after the ultimate publicity stunt. 90 palabras más