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The 8 Best Places in Portland for a First Date

1. Sapphire Hotel
As one of Portland’s original craft cocktail bars, you’ll look like you liked something before it was cool. With the intimate space and romantic (read: dark) lighting you’ll look better. 638 palabras más


50% Namaste 50% Fuck Outta Here

I never thought of myself as a sensitive person —quite the opposite actually. I was always notoriously prideful of these walls of mine, especially after a particularly damaging heartbreak. 462 palabras más

The Best Laid Plans....

“I will probably be late, honey”.  Right?  What person hasn’t heard some form of this in their lifetime?  Exactly.  However, when you’re a military spouse it heard way too often. 393 palabras más

Ternyata Orang Minanglah yang pertama kali ke Bulan

Orang Minang lah yang Pertama ke Bulan. – Siapapun setuju bahwa Neil Amstrong lah yang petama kali menginjakkan kaki pertama kali di bulan. Pada tahun 1969. 259 palabras más


A Steely-eyed Mars One Mission Turtle

Awww. That’s sweet. Sort of. Not really.

Verne needs new friends.

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