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Muscle wasting: the body builder's lament

I may have wasted my time. See these muscles? Yup, I know what you’re thinking. Pretty awesome. Plus check out my v-shaped torso. And my chassis could give someone hours of fun. 19 palabras más

Flash Fiction

The look that says.......

Have you really forgotten the treats……?

Of course I hadn’t   ;-)


I'm just kidding.

For those of you who actually thought I was serious…

For the record, I’ve never pulled off an April Fools’ joke in my life! Until now. 130 palabras más

Day 1, Brand new start!

My commitment to blogging is just absolutely terrible. I try to start, I lose track, and I have to start all over.

NO MORE. PLEASE. 13 palabras más


[April Fool's] Top Ten Games Ever Made FACT (GONE SEXY!) (Number 3 will SHOCK YOU!!!)

Welcome to this completely real Top Ten list that I am not just plagiarising off of GameSpot! Remember that all of my opinions on this list are complete fact, and you must comply with them in order to not be vaporized. 342 palabras más