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Elective ultrasound reveals surprising news

Unfortunately, we’ve finally been able to confirm the presence of a serious genetic condition in sweet little Benjy. It’s the result of him inheriting a dominant gene from both parents, that will almost certainly always result in this rare congenital disorder. 182 palabras más

1.Snorkling pake sanggul.

2.Nembak gebetan pake puisi “Habis Gelap Terbitlah Terang”

3.Dugem pake kebaya.

4.Nyolok mata pacar yg selingkuh pake konde.

5.Manjat pohon pake stagen. 35 palabras más

Just Kidding

The iPhone 7 Festival

It’s not considered as a festival here unless the desi DJs play Yo Yo Honey Singh songs on the loudspeakers. WOW! They play crap music, that too on high volume, almost deafening God and then say ‘ 198 palabras más



Red Jaime Strikes Again!

(She just wants to climb inside that painting.)

Hymaenistra Strikes Again.

(Is all tha world jails & churches?)


ANOTHER VISIT TO THE ORACLE… 1.213 palabras más

4 Line Stories: This Post Has Been Canceled 

I asked Mickey if he would do a post with me

His asking price was astronomical

So I found a stand in, totally uncooperative

I canceled the post, I apologize… 9 palabras más


I Think, Therefore Miami

The thinking man
Will claim his right to be

That being is as thinking
So you see

Nothing is, but
Thinking makes it so

And lost in thought
These beings come and go