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The thing about girlfriends.

I have not many but a few girlfriends.  I hang with the boys, for lots of reasons and I’ve always been around guys and I can relate to them in a better way then females.  530 palabras más

He Says It’s A Joke, But You’re Not Laughing

Have you ever heard of the term “perceptual bias?” This is the term for the psychological phenomenon that says if we perceive something to be true, we believe this thing. 338 palabras más

Over you

The fact that you still make my heart flutter
Means that I still fancy the idea of us
I thought I was over you
But still I sit here… 57 palabras más


Foolproof Steps to Make it Through Exam Week

100% guaranteed to help you (barely) stay alive by the end of it.

  • Step 1: Make sure your kitchen is stocked with coffee, red bull or any other heavily caffeinated drink you can think of.
  • 592 palabras más

Valentine's Gift Buying Advice for Men

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, here’s one of my most popular posts ever. It’s also in my ebook, which would be a great and inexpensive gift for your spouse, girlfriend, mail carrier, parole officer, taxidermist, obgyn, congressman, shady accountant, socially awkward Rob Lowe….pretty much everyone you know. 670 palabras más