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Good morning, may I take your order?

What would you like today?

I’ll get that going for you.

Today I start a new job position I never quite expected. You see, I’ve spent 10 years developing my skills as an educator, and the latter 2 of those years emerging as a talented leader. 366 palabras más

Enough already!

Think I challenge local, middle-class, pretty girl stereotypes because I’m feminist? Think again.

Stereotype #1

Woman points at my office mug. “That’s probably the only dishwashing you’ll ever have to do!” 170 palabras más


1/9 Wow, september already?

I think it’s the 23rd that the world is supposed to end due to CERN or economic collapse or fukushima or aliens or asteroids or the devil or whatever, everyone has their own theory and yeah, it’s freaking scary when you start looking at shit, and I guess CERN is what concerns me the most. 81 palabras más


Little farting unicorns, farting out rainbows…(repeat x500) (this is a song)!

This blog is in commemoration of unicorns.

Unicorns are made of corn.

Fun fact: Unicorns do NOT barf out rainbows. 100 palabras más


Thanks a lot...

Cali: I love you!

Me: Awwww, baby, I love you too!

Cali: Um, no mommy, I’m talking to my sippy cup.

Thanks, sweet darling baby girl….