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Just Kidding

Something that has always bothered me, are two simple words.

Two words that to one person may be a resolution, but to another are completely silent. 610 palabras más


THE period playlist !!!

So, in my first post on here, I was just rambling and suddenly got the best idea ever since the lovesickness playlist was invented: The period playlist. 167 palabras más


I Don't Want To Hide Behind "Just Kidding", I Want You To Know I'm Telling The Truth

statistically speaking,
93% of “just kiddings”
are partial truths
and 89% of those partial truths
are complete truths

so why should I say
I am just kidding… 68 palabras más


My First Post

Guys, I’ve never thought I was computer illiterate until I tried to make a WordPress blog. Five hours of foolin’ around with the settings and here we are, my first post! 203 palabras más

Camp Fandom



I’ve realized that writing and reading fan fic is a bit like telling stories around a campfire with your friends. Sometimes the stories are scary, but often they’re sweet or sad or straight up dirty.

137 palabras más

I Can't Handle the Pressure...or So I Thought

So I’ve been reading a lot of fanfiction recently (but I mean I’m still reading so it’s not like I’m wasting my time…..maybe just procrastinating… 313 palabras más

u lil cartoon

I like your wiry crooked smile, the way it opes your green eyes up to cartoonish size, your slightly crooked coffee-stained teeth make their rare appearance. 63 palabras más