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Live Streaming Pioneer Justin Kan to Relaunch On Snapchat is about to make a comeback… as a Snapchat channel: Justin Kan, founder of the pioneering live streaming site, announced Wednesday that he was bringing it back on Snapchat. 208 palabras más


Sources: YC Alums Club Together For Crystal Towers, A $100M VC Fund For Promising YC Startups

Y Combinator has helped over 800 startups come to market that are today worth a collective $30 billion (and possibly even more very soon). Now it looks like a new VC is emerging out of it that will be dedicated to help the most promising of these grow. 753 palabras más


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"...But the way that YC companies get early funding has been changing..." - original author

News broadcasters need to be learning from Twitch is, simply put, an online video streaming service. In terms of functionality, it’s incredibly similar to Youtube’s own livestreaming service. Users can schedule broadcasts ahead of time, stream live video to the site and comment live on video that they’re watching. 704 palabras más


Y Combinator President Sam Altman to Take the Stage at Disrupt SF 2015

He’s the former co-founder of the social startup Loopt, which was funded by his current company — Y Combinator — in 2005 and acquired by the… 356 palabras más