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A Much Needed Update

So I am back from my extended holiday vacation (which might be obvious from the fact I’m writing this post). Ironically it was my job that was so busy during the holidays, leaving me with twelve-hour workdays and little sleep in between them. 251 palabras más

Los productos y aplicaciones discontinuados en el 2014

Los productos y aplicaciones discontinuados en el 2014, distintas razones han surgido para estos productos que en algún momento estuvieron en auge, se haya decidido su discontinuidad. 224 palabras más


Gamenology Exclusive: The PlayStation 3 Bookmarklet Review

Well hello there again folks!

Since the launch of our awesome app, known specifically as the Gamenology app :P we can’t just stop writing posts! If we want our app to be put to some good use, we need some posts to go with it right? 1.055 palabras más


#JustinTV closed by $1B #TwitchTV Deal

Justin.TV Vs Twitch.TV

Justin.TV ran March 19th 2007-2014 Justin Kan streamed his live 24/7 & this where it all started out!, so seven years of dedication from the streaming site. 454 palabras más


Why Starting Was A Really Bad Idea, But I'm Glad We Did It Anyway

by Justin Kan (founder of

Right now I’m neck deep in product launch mode, putting the finishing touches on our new mobile video application—Socialcam. Of course, I’ve been here before . 1.544 palabras más


Amazon beats Google to Acquire Twitch for $970 Million

In July we reported that Google was close to acquiring for $1 billion. It however appears that Amazon was in the race too and in the end beat Google and now announced the $970 cash deal. 108 palabras más


Amazon buying Twitch streaming service?

A report from the Wall Street Journal has stated that Amazon will be buying This service allows people to stream games to an audience to watch and talk about games. 186 palabras más

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