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Becoming Through Ceremony

I love the attached video because it helps me imagine and feel how one can BECOME an animal through ritual and costume. In ceremony people don’t pretend to be an animal or a “god” or kachina, they beome it. 25 palabras más


We Are All One...Or Our Brains Are?

I was simply sweeping the floor, a mundane task I do many times a day. Nothing unusual, nothing out of the ordinary. So why was the hair on the back of my neck suddenly standing at attention? 985 palabras más


Monument Valley, Arizona/Utah

Efter sandstorm aftenen før, vågner vi op til en klar solrig dag.I dag ser ruten sådan her ud. Vi skal fra Kayenta til Monument Valley, videre op i Utah og ind i Colorado, før vi drejer ned mod Four Corners og tilbage mod Kayenta. 1.005 palabras más


Fire Star Kachina - Emergence & Return


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