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OXIDE Momo Kanzashi @ The Seasons Story

The Seasons Story is back for Winter 2017! Find us @ The Sponsors Landing Area.

  • Unrigged hair accessories
  • Left and right side included
  • All textures included, with two texture change HUDs…
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Second Life

Cardcaptor Sakura brings anime flair to your hair with beautiful traditional Japanese hairpin

The magical girl often dons a cap for her anime adventures, but you won’t need one with this kanzashi keeping your hairstyle in place. 283 palabras más



This project was a serious job for me. I was preparing for long time before I started, choosing fabrics and thinking on ideas. It is a Phoenix, a fire bird, made of pure silk ^o^! 53 palabras más


“Ornamental Hairpin” (Kanzashi)

In 1941 Japan’s total mobilization for war was still in the future, though its incursions on the mainland (first Manchuria) had already been going on for a decade. 292 palabras más

Stephen O. Murray


My latest fascination has been with ribbon folding – inspired by kanzashi methods. This weekend is my first studio tour for ARTrails in two years — so I am busy finishing up details on these flower bases I’ve created with different ribbons. 49 palabras más

Transform your hairdo in the name of the moon with these Sailor Moon kanzashi!

Transform your hairdo in the name of the moon with these Sailor Moon kanzashi!


Wargo Nippon’s new collection of Sailor Moon kanzashi are here just in time for yukata season!

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Dalam dua tulisan sebelumnya, kita telah mempelajari dua teknik dasar pembuatan kanzashi petal, yaitu round kanzashi petal dan pointed kanzashi petal.

Ini yang terakhir, … 251 palabras más