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The Most Expensive Chinese Series

Those who are familiar with us will know that we’re called ‘After Midnight’ because that’s when I feel most creative and those who know me personally will also know that I like to work with something on in the background. 269 palabras más


Lolita rosette kanzashi dan bros kain percan.
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IDR 17k

IDR 20k

IDR 20k

IDR 20k

IDR 20k… 43 palabras más


A Phone Pouch with a Ribbon Flower

I made another type of ribbon flower to put on my fabric woven phone case:

As with the other flower, I watched YouTube tutorials to learn how to make this flower. 39 palabras más


A Ribbon Flower

The flower mood continued and I moved to ribbon… This flower making technique is also known as kanzashi. It didn’t come out perfect but i still think it’s a cute book marker: 79 palabras más


OXIDE Momo Kanzashi @ The Seasons Story

The Seasons Story is back for Winter 2017! Find us @ The Sponsors Landing Area.

  • Unrigged hair accessories
  • Left and right side included
  • All textures included, with two texture change HUDs…
  • 38 palabras más
Second Life

Cardcaptor Sakura brings anime flair to your hair with beautiful traditional Japanese hairpin

The magical girl often dons a cap for her anime adventures, but you won’t need one with this kanzashi keeping your hairstyle in place. 283 palabras más


“Ornamental Hairpin” (Kanzashi)

In 1941 Japan’s total mobilization for war was still in the future, though its incursions on the mainland (first Manchuria) had already been going on for a decade. 292 palabras más

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