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Asacub Android Trojan: From Information Stealing to Financial Fraud

Kaspersky Lab’s Anti-Malware Research team has discovered Asacub – a new malware that targets Android users for financial gain. When first identified, Asacub displayed all the signs of an information stealing malware; however some versions of the Trojan are targeting users of online banking in Russia, Ukraine and the US. 466 palabras más


The End of the World for APTs As We Know Them in 2016

Advanced Persistent Threats or APTs as we know them will cease to exist in 2016, replaced by deeper, embedded attacks that are harder to detect and trace back to the perpetrators, according to Kaspersky Lab experts.   935 palabras más

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Connected devices are at risk-Kaspersky Labs

A research conducted by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International shows that when it comes to Internet security, consumer’s concern and awareness are both on the increase. 108 palabras más


Finance, Telco and IT Sectors Top Targets for DDoS Attacks in 2015

Cyber criminals attacked one in four IT, telecoms and financial services companies in the last 12 months.

Targeted firms experienced a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack according to a Kaspersky Lab and B2B International. 342 palabras más


8 cara berbelanja secara “online” yang selamat sepanjang musim perayaan Krismas ini.

Pada musim perayaan Krismas kali ini, lebih ramai rakyat Malaysia memilih untuk membeli – belah secara online kerana keadaan lalu lintas di Lembah Klang dan sekitar kawasan kota raya yang semakin sibuk. 524 palabras más


8 Ways to Shop Safely Online this Christmas and Avoid Getting ‘Grinched’

As the Christmas rush and Manila’s traffic convince more Filipinos that it is better to shop online than head to the malls, Kaspersky Lab shares eight simple tips to avoid getting suckered by online scams this holiday season. 445 palabras más

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Why Abuse of Digital Certs and Crypto Keys is the Biggest Security Threat for 2016

If there’s one major security trend of 2015 I’d predict causing even more trouble next year it’s abuse of crypto keys and digital certificates. Cybercriminals have simply found that abusing this layer of the internet is far easier, cheaper and often more effective than more traditional forms of attack. 447 palabras más