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Scam of the day - February 11, 2018 - Pornography mobile malware connection

Accessing pornography on one’s smartphone is very popular with many people and anything popular with many people is also popular with scammers and cybercriminals which is why, according to a recent report written by security company Kaspersky Lab, more than 25% of smartphone users accessing pornography on their smartphones were attacked with a variety of malware programs including ransomware, which often comes with what appears to be an official appearing FBI notice that threatens criminal charges related to child pornography unless a penalty (actually a ransom) is paid. 224 palabras más

UAE deputy PM "committed" to making Internet safe for youths

“The fast-paced developments witnessed in technology and Internet usage encourages growth and innovation, but can also be accompanied with challenges,” said His Highness.

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Security flaws found in ICS software tokens

A recent study by Kaspersky Lab has revealed variety of serious vulnerabilities in the Hardware Against Software Piracy (HASP) license management system, widely used in corporate and ICS environments to activate licensed software. 9 palabras más

Kaspersky Lab Seeks Admonition Adjoin Us Government Ban

The ban has actively aching Kaspersky Lab’s acceptability and revenues and should be chaotic expeditiously, the aggregation argued in the motion filed Wednesday in US District Cloister for the District of Columbia. 609 palabras más

Trends security pros need to think about going into 2018

Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated and collaborative with every coming year. As with previous years, 2017 saw no shortage of cyberattacks. In an ongoing index of predictions, projections for 2018, we spoke to industry experts to find out what happens next. 14 palabras más

TechSummit Rewind 209

This is the TechSummit Rewind, a daily recap of the top technology headlines.

Facebook demotes “engagement bait” posts in News Feed

Facebook is cracking down on “engagement bait”: Posts that asks people to Like, share, or comment to bump up engagement numbers. 1.436 palabras más


‘Kaspersky Lab in crosshairs since exposing US & Israeli spy agencies behind Stuxnet attack on Iran’

RT | November 10, 2017

The campaign to discredit Kaspersky Lab dates back to 2010 when the Russian based cybersecurity firm uncovered the origin of the Stuxnet malicious computer worm which ruined Iran’s civilian nuclear centrifuges, experts in the field told RT.

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