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Kaspersky launches stand-alone VPN for Macs and PCs

Kaspersky Lab has introduced Secure Connection, a solution for encrypting traffic on Windows and Mac computers. Based on VPN technology, it automatically enables encryption when the risk of data interception is most dangerous for the user, for example, when connecting to public Wi-Fi or using… 9 palabras más

Kaspersky Lab Says Public-Private Partnership Key for Cyber-Security

When it comes to tackling growing cyber-security attacks including ransomware threats, the world needs public-private partnerships more than ever to nab those behind such attacks, Russian cyber-security giant Kaspersky Lab has stressed. 290 palabras más

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Russia's Kaspersky Lab offers up source code to U.S. government

MOSCOW – The chief executive of Russia’s Kaspersky Lab says he’s ready to have his company’s source code examined by U.S. government officials to help dispel long-lingering suspicions about his company’s ties to the Kremlin. 805 palabras más


Petya Ransomware a 'Ruse' to Hid Cyber-Attack Culprit, Claim Researchers

  • Petya malware is doubted to be more than just a money-making ransomware
  • Petya ransomware attack hit major global companies on Tuesday
  • Mumbai’s JNPT post also reported to be compromised by the attack …
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U.S. Senators seek military ban on Kaspersky Lab products amid FBI probe

”U.S. senators sought on Wednesday to ban Moscow-based cyber security firm Kaspersky Lab’s products from use by the military because of fears the company is vulnerable to ‘Russian government influence,’ a day after the FBI interviewed several of its U.S. 365 palabras más


Petya Ransomware Is a Wiper, Researchers Claim, With the Aim to Damage

  • Petya ransomware hit Europe and other parts on Tuesday
  • Researchers say that malware is a wiper meant to destroy data
  • They concluded that paying the ransom will not bring back encrypted data …
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