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Kaspersky Lab uncovers new zero day exploit

Kaspersky Lab’s advanced exploit prevention system has identified a new Adobe Flash zero day exploit, used in an attack on 10 October by a threat actor known as Black Oasis. 9 palabras más

Weekly Cyber Risk Roundup: Kaspersky's Alleged Espionage and SmartVista Bug Unpatched

The National Security Agency and Kaspersky Lab were once again among the week’s top trending targets due to continued reporting around Kaspersky’s alleged involvement in the 2015 theft of classified materials from the home computer of an NSA employee. 1.114 palabras más

Weekly Cyber Risk Roundup

Kaspersky Lab accused of having knowingly assisted Russian spies

Reports a few days ago said that Russia used Kaspersky antivirus software to spy on various targets including US government officials and spies. The reports went on to say that the Russian antivirus tool was used to extract sensitive top-secret information from an NSA contractor who worked on sensitive materials using his home computer that had Kaspersky installed. 378 palabras más


Israel reportedly behind discovery of Russian antivirus company’s spy links

Israeli spy services were reportedly behind the United States government’s recent decision to purge Kaspersky Lab antivirus software from its computers, citing possible collusion with Russian intelligence. 360 palabras más

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Israel Cracked Kaspersky Network, Found Russian Spies Using the AV to Look for NSA Exploits

In the past few months, we’ve seen the US government making a call to remove all Kaspersky software from government computers, although it was unclear why this was happening because Eugene Kaspersky offered to fully collaborate with the US officials on their concerns regarding Russia’s involvement with the AV maker, saying it goes against the business interests of the company to allow such a thing. 391 palabras más

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Weekly Cyber Risk Roundup: Yahoo Breach Expands, Equifax Grilled, Another NSA Insider

Yahoo and Equifax were both back in the news this week due to new details emerging around their respective data breaches, including Yahoo revising the number of affected accounts to three billion and Equifax’s former CEO being grilled before Congress. 1.174 palabras más

Weekly Cyber Risk Roundup