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Twitter bans ads from cyber-security firm Kaspersky Lab

​Twitter Inc said on Friday that it has banned ads from Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab, saying the cyber-security company’s business model conflicts with advertising rules and citing U.S. 415 palabras más

Kaspersky Lab CEO calls out Jack Dorsey over Twitter ban

“You’re only shooting yourself in the foot when you cater to the geopolitical noise and start refusing to promote material on false pretences – contrary to the interests of your own business,” says Eugene Kaspersky in his letter. 9 palabras más

New cyberespionage campaign targets MENA firms: report

Kaspersky Lab experts have uncovered a new cyberespionage campaign “Operation Parliament” that is targeting high profile organisations from around the world with a focus on the Middle East and North Africa. 9 palabras más

Crypto miners turn their focus to VPNs, football streaming sites: research

According to Kaspersky Lab data, the most popular “legitimate miners” are football-related applications. Their main function is to broadcast football videos while discreetly mining crypto currencies. 16 palabras más

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Kaspersky Lab enhances its Bug Bounty award for $ 100,000

Kaspersky Lab has expanded its Bug Bounty Rewards program to include prizes worth up to $ 100,000. The program awards prizes to anyone who can detect critical software flaws or flaws in some of the company’s most prominent products and informs the company responsibly in the context of its Global Transparency Initiative. 387 palabras más


Your baby monitor could be spying on you: Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab researchers have discovered multiple security vulnerabilities in popular smart cameras that are frequently used as baby monitors, or for internal home and office security surveillance. 8 palabras más