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Herald News ... Encrypted DDoS attack coming via WordPress!

DDoS Attacks via WordPress Now come with Encryption, Kaspersky Lab Reports
Recently, the company encounters yet more evidence of this trend … an attack exploiting vulnerabilities in WordPress, but via an encrypted channel. 508 palabras más

Herald News For Hungarians Who Speaks English!

Μια ανατρεπτική έρευνα: Τα smartphones βλάπτουν την αποδοτικότητά μας

Τα smartphones μας αποσπούν την προσοχή και μας καθιστούν λιγότερο αποτελεσματικούς εν ώρα εργασίας δείχνει η έρευνα της Kaspersky Lab σύμφωνα με την οποία είμαστε 26% πιο παραγωγικοί, μόλις τα αποχωριστούμε. 20 palabras más

The Internet can be a source of family conflict –study

This may not surprise you in any way. Findings of a study conducted by Kaspersky Lab and iconKids & Youth reveal that the Internet is posing a big impact on family relationships. 558 palabras más


Can you last waiting in a room without checking your smartphone?

Have you ever noticed that you seem to not be able to keep yourself from checking out your smartphone as you wait for your turn during an appointment with your doctor? 446 palabras más


Kaspersky Lab: Ransomware attacks spike 500% in last 12 months | CIO Dive

Dive Brief: New data released by Kaspersky Lab last week found that the number of people who encountered ransomware during the last year increased by more than 500% over the previous year. 115 palabras más

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Kaspersky Lab otkrio tržiste hakovanih servera

Kaspersky Lab otkrio veliko tržiste na kojem se prodaje 70 hiljada hakovanih servera

Istraživači iz kompanije Kaspersky Lab posmatrali su jedan globalni forum, gde sajber kriminalci mogu da kupe i prodaju pristup kompromitovanim serverima za manje od 6 američkih dolara. 774 palabras más


Kaspersky Lab organizes CISO Meet

Kaspersky Lab has organized a CISO meet in Mumbai. The visiting Kaspersky Lab delegates included Vitaly Kamluk, Director, Global Research & Analysis Team, APAC; Alejandro Arango, Global Director, Corporate Communications, Kaspersky Lab; and Jesmond Chang, Head of Corporate Communications, APAC at Kaspersky Lab. 38 palabras más