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Take a Smartphone Down Memory Lane: Digital Amnesia hits UK

Do you suffer from the ‘Google Effect’? Can you remember critical information such as your partner’s or children’s phone number? If you have to reach for your smartphone for this information, you may have fallen victim to ‘Digital Amnesia’, a term used by Kaspersky Labs in a study published today. 515 palabras más


@the_intercept GCHQ Top Secret Document Discloses Spy Unit in Cyberspace Researching Manipulation of Human Behaviour @AceNewsServices

#AceNewsReport – LONDON:June.22:A top-secret document, disclosing how a spy unit in the UK Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) operates within cyberspace, has for the first time been revealed by The Intercept. 194 palabras más


Cyberattacks Targeting Southeast Asia Gov’ts May Be State-Sponsored

Research was shared today by Palo Alto Networks, an enterprise security market leader, uncovering what seems to be a series of state-sponsored cyberattacks targeting military and government networks throughout Southeast Asia. 348 palabras más


Beware! Cyber threats, malwares and viruses are everywhere, so what?

Most of my recent tweets are about cyber security issues, data protection concerns or malwares attacks. Well, if I am not worried maybe I should, should I ? 272 palabras más

Duqu 2.0 : Kaspersky Lab investigates hacker attack on its own network

Duqu is back. The Russian computer security company Kaspersky revealed to have detected in its own internal networks a program similar to malware that occurred in 2011. 733 palabras más

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Sophisticated spyware found on computers at luxury hotels that hosted Iran nuclear talks, lab says

WASHINGTON — Sophisticated spyware believed linked to Israel infected computers at luxury hotels used as venues for nuclear negotiations with Iran, a Russian cybersecurity firm said Wednesday, but the extent of any possible data breach was not immediately known. 592 palabras más