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SMBs Overlook BYOD Threats, Dismiss Mobile Risks

32 per cent of small-business owners believe BYOD (bring-your-own-device) poses no threat to their company and have no interest in spending effort on mobile device security, while 60 per cent of employees think security is the responsibility of the business, a… 510 palabras más


Top Level Domains Irresistible to Hackers in Q1

According to Kaspersky Lab’s Q1 2015 analysis of the spam and phishing threats landscape, top level domains launched in Jan 2015 have proved too good for hackers to resist. 380 palabras más


Cyber Espionage Group Naikon Target Nations Around South China Sea

From setting up spying infrastructure within a country’s borders for real-time connections and data mining, to spying tools with 48 commands, a new report by Kaspersky Lab shows how the threat actor Naikon has spent the last five years successfully infiltrating national organisations around the South China Sea. 401 palabras más


Kaspersky Lab Opens First European Research Centre in London

Kaspersky Lab research experts now analyse over 325,000 new malware files each day, an increase of 10,000 per day from 2014. To help customers and partners identify, defend against and eradicate these emerging threats, Kaspersky Lab today announces the opening of its first European Research Centre in the UK. 692 palabras más

Industry News

Kaspersky Lab Reveals Naikon Cyberthreats Footprints in Malaysia

Top-Level Government Agencies, Civil, Military and Aviation Organization Among the Targets

Within four days of the disappearance of MH370, Naikon, a group of cyber criminals launched its attacks on Malaysian authorities to steal information relating to investigation and search efforts. 110 palabras más


MiniDuke relation 'CozyDuke' Targets White House

Kaspersky Lab’s Global Research and Analysis Team has published a report describing a new, advanced cyberespionage campaign using malware to hit very specific, high-profile entities.  Targets in the U.S. 435 palabras más


Money Eating Viruses

This year’s Black Hat Asia event in Singapore revealed some pretty disturbing facts about our financial cyber security. The busy little bees from the Interpol and Kaspersky Lab have teamed up one more time. 166 palabras más