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Spooked by Spike in Cyber Extortion, Businesses are Stockpiling Bitcoin for Payoffs

Paying ransom just invites the next attack.

Tim Johnson reports: U.S. corporations that have long resisted bending to the demands of computer hackers who take their networks hostage are increasingly stockpiling  578 palabras más

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How to avoid dating an online scammer

Just like many others, you may have received anonymous Valentines letters or notes—albeit in digital form. Your curiosity is quite understandable in this case, but do not let it reduce your vigilance—instead of romance, such messages may possibly lead to malware or real money loss. 763 palabras más

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Top manager at Russian cybersecurity firm charged with treason

MOSCOW – A manager at Russia’s biggest cybersecurity firm in charge of investigating hacking attacker has been arrested, the company said Wednesday.

Kaspersky Lab on Wednesday confirmed reports in Russia’s respected Kommersant newspaper that Ruslan Stoyanov, head of its computer incidents investigations unit, was arrested in December. 300 palabras más


Digital Signage enhances Rogue One campaign of key brands

Lucasfilm teamed up with O2, World Duty Free, Gillette, and Kaspersky Lab to promote Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, in the UK and Europe. The campaign featured augmented reality deployments, DOOH campaigns and more. 152 palabras más

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How to be safe when using Wi-Fi

Are you among the millions of Internet users who constantly connect through available Wi-Fi hotspots? Always be reminded that public Wi-Fi may not be safe for your device and personal data. 614 palabras más


Herald News ... Encrypted DDoS attack coming via WordPress!

DDoS Attacks via WordPress Now come with Encryption, Kaspersky Lab Reports
Recently, the company encounters yet more evidence of this trend … an attack exploiting vulnerabilities in WordPress, but via an encrypted channel. 508 palabras más

Herald News For Hungarians Who Speaks English!

Μια ανατρεπτική έρευνα: Τα smartphones βλάπτουν την αποδοτικότητά μας

Τα smartphones μας αποσπούν την προσοχή και μας καθιστούν λιγότερο αποτελεσματικούς εν ώρα εργασίας δείχνει η έρευνα της Kaspersky Lab σύμφωνα με την οποία είμαστε 26% πιο παραγωγικοί, μόλις τα αποχωριστούμε. 20 palabras más