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The busy little bees in Kaspersky Lab do not allow themselves a luxury of staying behind the unparalleled mobile revolution. Kaspersky Lab has quite a few mobile solutions in its security arsenal. 187 palabras más

The Company (Kaspersky Antivirus) Securing Your Internet Has Close Ties to Russian Spies

The bottom line: Popular security-software maker Kaspersky Lab has close ties to Russian military and intelligence officials.

I have been telling you folks this for years after I dropped them from my product line at least now a major company shared some light and is carrying the torch… 1.027 palabras más

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Save The Children Online

The busy little bees from the Kaspersky Lab conducted an intriguing research in 2014, called the Children Online. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know what is this all about, do you? 178 palabras más

Kaspersky Lab has close ties to Russian spies - Bloomberg News

”Kaspersky Lab sells security software, including antivirus programs recommended by big-box stores and other U.S. PC retailers. The Moscow-based company ranks sixth in revenue among security-software makers, taking in $667 million in 2013, and is a favorite among Best Buy’s Geek Squad technicians and reviewers on,” Carol Matlack, Michael A Riley, and Jordan Robertson report for Bloomberg News. 206 palabras más


Rampant security flaws and fragmentation forces company to ban Android phones and tablets

”The problem with fragmentation – 98.4% in Androids case – is that there are over a billion devices running at least five earlier versions that are all vulnerable to malware, data theft, and other major security vulnerabilities. 450 palabras más



A check at the Russian Ministry of Defense says nothing, as of yet, about the following allegations that are made by the sources cited in the following tentative story, which sources are now spreading like wildfire on the Internet, but this possible news-item is written under the assumption that the story is as it has been reported in those sources: 421 palabras más

The Number Of The Cyber Beast

The busy little bees in the Kaspersky Lab and the Scandinavian BioNyfiken have decided to deal with one extremely controversial cyber topic – the human smart implants. 195 palabras más