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‘Kaspersky Lab in crosshairs since exposing US & Israeli spy agencies behind Stuxnet attack on Iran’

RT | November 10, 2017

The campaign to discredit Kaspersky Lab dates back to 2010 when the Russian based cybersecurity firm uncovered the origin of the Stuxnet malicious computer worm which ruined Iran’s civilian nuclear centrifuges, experts in the field told RT.

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Malware Replaces Wallet Addresses Copied To Users’ Clipboards With Public Keys Belonging To Hacker

Sergey Yunakovsky of the Russian cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab distributed a record of a malware plot that his organization had revealed, a Trojan steed style programming that he calls “CryptoShuffler.” In this plan, malignant code that can perceive cryptographic money wallet addresses is surreptitiously stacked onto the web program of a casualty’s PC. 236 palabras más


Gaza cybergang returns

Kaspersky Lab experts are registering important changes in the operations of the infamous Gaza Team Cybergang, which is actively targeting multiple commercial and government organisations in the UAE, KSA, Palestine, Egypt and other countries in the MENA region. 16 palabras más

Don't Use Kaspersky Lab's Software

I recently went to this site for anti-virus software reviews:

The Best Antivirus Software of 2017

I was thinking of installing BitDefender, but the review said it was a resource hog so I went with Kaspersky Lab’s Kaspersky Total Security instead. 229 palabras más

General Opinion

Kaspersky Lab's Frolov on having a sustainable cybersecurity approach

Maxim Frolov, managing director, Middle East, Turkey and Africa, Kaspersky Lab, discusses why nations should start developing a holistic and sustainable approach to cybersecurity.

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Kaspersky Lab uncovers new zero day exploit

Kaspersky Lab’s advanced exploit prevention system has identified a new Adobe Flash zero day exploit, used in an attack on 10 October by a threat actor known as Black Oasis. 9 palabras más

Weekly Cyber Risk Roundup: Kaspersky's Alleged Espionage and SmartVista Bug Unpatched

The National Security Agency and Kaspersky Lab were once again among the week’s top trending targets due to continued reporting around Kaspersky’s alleged involvement in the 2015 theft of classified materials from the home computer of an NSA employee. 1.114 palabras más

Weekly Cyber Risk Roundup