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Gintama Gets Serious - Shogun Assassination Arc

Before I dive into reviewing what is possibly one of the best arcs of Gintama, I’d like to warn you that you are in for some major spoilers if you haven’t watched it yet so beware. 916 palabras más


The Laugh Riot that Gintama's Live Action Adaptation is!

If you thought Gintama, the anime was hysterical, you ought to see its live action version!

It is just as hilarious, if not more, as the anime and shoots down its haters with some major sass. 513 palabras más


Gintama - The Rollercoaster

Given you are here, either you have already watched Gintama or doing your homework before diving into the world of thjs much talked about anime… 681 palabras más


Katsura River

“Just for Looking”

This is the famous river that goes through Arashiyama. In order to get from one side of Arashiyama to the other, you must cross this river on the Togetsu-kyo Bridge. 75 palabras más