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8 Ways to Spend the Day in Arashiyama, Kyoto

Nearly every district in Japan has stolen our hearts in some way, but Arashiyama is an extra-special place.

It’s where Jake almost proposed (he ended up doing it the next day at Fushimi Inari shrine), and where we enjoyed what was maybe our favorite afternoon together ever, riding bikes through sleepy side streets and eating lunch at a tiny restaurant on the water. 1.134 palabras más


April 24

The Katsura Tree


Heart shaped leaves of my favorite tree

Tinged with red, newly appear

Destined to be fall debris

Dusting the ground in yellow cheer… 15 palabras más

Horticulture Poem

Bamboo Forest

“Beautiful. Just Beautiful.”

The bamboo forest is in Arashiyama, Kyoto. You start at the main road and follow a wide path through the bamboo forest. The bamboo forest is also known as the bamboo grove. 189 palabras más


Togetsu-kyo Bridge

“Once was enough”

This is the famous bridge that goes across Katsura River. It connects the two sides of Arashiyama. The Togetsu-kyo Bridge is Arashiyama’s most iconic landmark because it seems to look perfectly placed with the forested mountainside in the background. 58 palabras más


Gintama Gets Serious - Shogun Assassination Arc

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The Laugh Riot that Gintama's Live Action Adaptation is!

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