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Tulip Overload

Keukenhof  is a huge 79 acre garden in the Netherlands that shows off the might of spring bulbs. Even though it is only open for 2 months a year, it attracts 800,000 visitors. 422 palabras más


Nature's surprises

This week I started to hear strange noises from the underside of my car. We were on the slow morning crawl into town when we started to hear odd metal pinging sounds beneath us, like rivets snapping, then something like springs creaking and later on an odd grinding noise when we started from stationary. 451 palabras más


Gintama - Episode 25 - "The Hot-Pot is a Microcosm of Life" - Satirizing The Shonin Anime Mind Fights

   “Gintama” is a hilarious anime that satires most Shonin-anime, while still managing to create interesting characters who exist as characters who are more than just types. 356 palabras más

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