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Are you aware of your Awareness - great teaching from Ken Wilber

Many spiritual teachers use the term Awareness as a synonym for consciousness. I reserve consciousness to mean ‘not in a coma’.

Ken Wilber plumps for awareness where he says; … 120 palabras más

Spiritual Development

Fillet of Soul With a Dark Night Glaze

This video, from Wainwright House in Rye, NY, is a recent presentation of the poem, preceded by about 4 minutes of the story behind the poem. 125 palabras más


Where the Conflict Really Lies (1/4): preparing the ground

My latest sequence mentions the Bahá’í view that religion and science are compatible and necessary if our civilisation is to progress. It therefore seems appropriate to republish this earlier sequence. 1.721 palabras más

Science And Religion

Mining for Meaning

I have been reading “Grace and Grit” by Ken Wilber.   Ken is a philosopher, author, teacher and much more. He is often referred to as “the Einstein of consciousness,”  I have learned so much by reading /studying just two of his books, … 1.583 palabras más

My Voice

The Reality Spectrum

This is a dialogue I had on Stormfront, the white nationalist forum, with a man who uses the screen name Unconditioned Canuck. He started a thread by posting these links, from which followed the dialogue below: 1.081 palabras más

The universe knows no boundaries

When the opposites are realized to be one, discord melts into concord, battles become dances, and old enemies become lovers. We are then in a position to make friends with all of our universe, not just one half of it.

~ Ken Wilber, No boundary

Daily Wisdom

The Theory of Everything and the Kingdom of God

Philosopher Ken Wilber, in his book “A Theory of Everything”, proposes a series of 8 levels of human development, which I’ll summarize here.

Self Culture… 521 palabras más