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Quote of the Week 6/18/19

This is late, because I was in the car all day yesterday and most of the day before, but here is this week’s quote!  This one is very special to me, and it never fails to give me the feels.  205 palabras más

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A Message to Traverse Worlds

Thinking of you, wherever you are.
We pray for our sorrows to end, and hope that our hearts will blend.
Now I will step forward to realize this wish.
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"Face My Fears"- A Musical Analysis

Since my blog is based off my love for video games I figured it would only be sensible for my first song to be from a video game. 633 palabras más

E3 highlights part one Square Enix conference

Final Fantasy 7 remake for ps4 Kingdom hearts 3 dlc for xbox one and ps4

As part of my E3 highlights series, I will be discussing all the big companies highlights for gaming. 586 palabras más

E3 2019 Square Enix Panel

The panel we’ve been waiting for finally arrived last night, and boy was it exciting! Square Enix was releasing things before it was even their turn, but that made things all the more interesting.  422 palabras más

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New KH3 DLC Promised This Winter

Hello my fellow half-pint heros! I have an announcement! At E3 it was announced that there would be a new Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC coming this winter. 179 palabras más

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Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind

Square Enix held a Kingdom Hearts Orchestra in Los Angeles today where they revealed a trailer for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC, ReMind. The DLC is set to launch this winter and showed Aqua, Roxas, and Riku as playable characters. 13 palabras más