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What a Treat!

One assignment I was given during my internship at KIWI magazine this past summer was to write the pet column for the October/November issue. It was my first print piece, and I was so excited when I saw it on page 38 of the magazine! 24 palabras más

Published Work

Kiwi, an extraordinary bird!

Kiwi is a fruit but it is also a bird that lives only in New Zealand and for this reason it is also the symbol of this country. 129 palabras más


One life to live : a video journal of my kiwi moments

So, what is this thingy I kept talking about for months ? It is more than just a tag line, it is more than just a “cool thing to say”, it is actually one of my most important video project for the Davidization video page. 566 palabras más

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Pavlova (NEW ZEALAND's invention)

Yes, NZ invented the pavlova. No more discussion.

Moving along from any arguments I wanted to share my second ever attempt at making a pavlova with you! 269 palabras más


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Nguyên Nguyên ngồi xem lại vid hậu trường, phát hiện Tiểu Khải chụp mông mình.. khi đứng lên rồi vẫn còn dám hướng camera xuống chiếc quần yếm của cậu. 290 palabras más

Kaiyuan Khải Nguyên Karroy Fanfic đoản Văn 凯源

Not On My Street, Mate

I’m on duty from 8:30 pm to 7:30 am on Saturday night, but I was talking to the cops till nine.

Friday is the warm up and Saturday is the real deal. 2.948 palabras más

New Zealand

Adirondack Vapor - Caguya

With only 2 more to go in the final range of Adirondack Vapors line up we are looking at Cayuga today.

Kiwi, and Papaya along with other tropical fruits are combined to make Cayuga a truly Tropical experience. 437 palabras más