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5 Step Protocol for harvesting Native Rakau for Rongoa

There is a traditional Protocol that one must abide by when harvesting native Rakau (Tree/Plants) for Rongoa (Medicine)…

These five steps have been handed down to me by my own teachers… Remember that it is NOT our right to just take…The… 403 palabras más

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Monochrome Kiwifruit

Monochrome Madness* this week is about things beginning with K. I went for kiwifruit. The slices were quite beautiful and rather alien-looking when photographed with a strong light behind them. 115 palabras más


Aroha - Westlake Village

Aroha is Maori for love, compassion or affectionate regard (at least that’s what the menu says).   It’s been decades since I’ve visited New Zealand but a recent episode of “House Hunters International” brought up those memories.  615 palabras más


What Can You Buy In Your Country For $1.00 ?

I just wanted to ask what can you buy in your country for one dollar ? Over here in Kiwi Land (New Zealand) Some things are ; Half a mince pie (a real budget one) $2.50 Half a can of coke $2.50 a can 1/4 of a beer in a pub about $5.50 for a handle Half a scoop of chips ( if you are lucky )$2.50 A fifth of a coffee (a real one from a coffee stand ) $5.50 A small thick and chunky cake of chocolate from the supermarket if you buy from a garage its $3.50 A third of a two litre of milk. 17 palabras más


Okay, so I got back my Business Communication paper today. And I got an A. But my teacher say no one in my class got an A, however there are 4 people who got an A, and I am one of them. 243 palabras más

Double Meaning

Every so often you come across a new word, useful in completing The Times crossword, on wet days playing Scrabble, or just in our gardens to show off to the visitors. 421 palabras más


Indonesia sentences Kiwi to 15 years for smuggling drugs

An Indonesian court on Tuesday sentenced a New Zealand man to 15 years in jail for trafficking crystal methamphetamine into the resort island of Bali. 6 palabras más