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Good morning!
Today I want to make another recommendation for those of you living in or visiting London. I realize that my previous post was about the same thing but yesterday Greg and I went to Notting Hill to look around and I just have to share these cool pictures with you guys and give you the recommendation to go here! 609 palabras más


Healing Power of Fruits

Fruit contains the pure water the body needs for purification, regeneration and healing. If we take only supplements, we lose out on the essential waters inside the fruit. 23 palabras más

This weekend Greg and I decided to take a day trip out to Windsor and visit Windsor Castle.
If any of you living in London or visiting London and want to make a short trip out of the city to see something else I highly recommend this trip. 553 palabras más


Why Is Vitamin C So Important?

Many people are aware that vitamin C can help them recover from a cold or flu, but there’s much more to understand about how vitamin C supports our health. 379 palabras más


Learning The Kiwi Way

Kia Ora!  I’ve been in New Zealand for a little over a week now (sorry for anyone who has been waiting for a post!) and I feel like I’ve already taken in so much and learned so much about Kiwi culture, and about New Zealand in general.   391 palabras más

Sparky & Robert

In Whangarei (ausgesprochen Fangarei) haben wir erfahren, dass Kiwivogelweibchen ein Ei 28 Tage lang in ihrem Körper tragen. Das Ei wird ziemlich gross, sodass die Kiwimama 2-3 Tage vor dem Legen wegen Platzmangel nichts mehr isst. 509 palabras más