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Macro of a kiwi slice in the shape of a heart

By Delphimages



A bird, a rare bird and a celebrity bird

I mentioned in my last post that one of the things I was looking forward to was a visit to Zealandia, the wildlife sanctuary in Wellington, to catch a rare opportunity to meet Sirocco the Kākāpō. 516 palabras más


Seasons at Tawharanui

The ponga at top left and the rush on the right of each of these photos will tell you that they both show the same scene. 104 palabras más

The Hindu: Our wings are not for flying!

My Column in The Hindu

Our wings are not for flying!

Cormorant: Looking out at the ocean.

Rhea: The wings act lke a sail and rudder. 558 palabras más

Dress My Cupcake Bakers Twine String Roll for Gifts

Initial, flex again the tabs on the locking mechanism washer. The actual tab are a safety item that prevent the actual nut from coming free. … 399 palabras más

GU Energy Labs Gu Roctane GelStrawberry Kiwi 24 packets

The preceding section alluded to the need to queue packets, but did not explicitly discuss that need. When dealing with a situation where more traffic needs to be transmitted than an interface is capable of transmitting, ccie voice lab some traffic must be queued while waiting for the resources necessary to transmit that packet. 255 palabras más

Advice Royal Lion Baby Hat Halloween Got Candy Kitten

This tip is the most important of all, it is very difficult to take kitten pictures of a hungry kitten, they won’t stand still long enough for you to be able to get one shot. 374 palabras más