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An Acai Affair – Acai Specialty Shop Opens At Katong


by admin

Another Acai (pronounced as “ah-sigh-ee” and not “Ah-Cai”) specialty shop opened opposite I12 Katong Mall, just a few shops away from… 423 palabras más


eating greens.

I’m revisiting my eat-in-color series to find ways to eat healthy green foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner. here are 5favs recipes to consider. what are your favorite ways to get in some healthy greens? 235 palabras más


Fresh Breakfast Takes Time

I am reminded, yet again, why I rarely eat this type of breakfast (fresh fruit)… It takes time, but is so worth it!

It would have been much easier to pop a convenience food into the microwave and be on my way in less than 7 minutes, which includes eating said convenience food. 66 palabras más