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Sprinkles Gelato

I recently tried the fruity crepe at Sprinkles Gelato in Finchley Road, London, with white chocolate all over and a side of vanilla ice cream. It was amazing! 32 palabras más

Part 21 - Daily Writing Challenge 2

DAY TWO, 27.07.2016

Your earliest memory

Blimmin’ ‘eck.  What am I supposed to do with this?  Think, think, think… 

This is where I backtrack through the multiple places that I lived in growing up, trying to figure out what the heck I can recall.   947 palabras más


Fruitful Stories

Did you ever think about how many of colors summer has? Look at the fruits. The variety of its colors incredible. Yellow, red, green, orange, black, violet, pink… What color of fruit is your summer story? 20 palabras más

Natural born killers

Australia is planning to use dingoes to kill wild goats, originally imported by the British as food for lighthouse keepers and sailors, which have infested islands and are destroying the natural habitat. 489 palabras más


Kiwi, Berry And Chia Smoothie

Morning breakfast should be full of protein and many other nutrients. Chia seed is counted in super food as it is full in omega – 3. 78 palabras más


Photo of the week: Haast tokoeka kiwi

Today’s photo is of a Haast tokoeka kiwi chick—a shy, mountain-loving bird, and one of our rarest kiwi.

More than half the known population of this kiwi live in an actively managed area of the Haast ranges, where the battle continues to save these birds from extinction. 66 palabras más

Native Animals

Day 17: Predator Free New Zealand?

There has been a bit in the news lately about a new government campaign to make NZ predator free by 2050. It’s a bit of an odd concept for me since predators are just part of life in the U.S. 360 palabras más

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