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Collaboration is a common thing among artists and musicians.

I wonder what kind of song they’ll make.

Here’s Krauser of Detroit Metal City by Revoltech and Super Sonico by Figma.


Profanity, Insanity , Obscenity and then there's krauser

While there are a lot of comedy shows, there isn’t anything quite like DMC out there. Even the words like insanity and profanity don’t really define the actual image of this series. 444 palabras más


If You Don't Buy Krauser's Daygame Mastery, Then You Will Die a Miserable, Sexless Excuse for a Human Being


OK, so I’m late to the party with this one — damn late. Krauser’s Daygame Mastery came out in February. But look, it’s a vast, 450 page hard-backed tome, and I’m busy trying to read the Western Canon as well as stay gainfully employed and file my weekly… 984 palabras más