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Admirable Acting: Kristen Stewart from Welcome To The Rileys

In 2010, actress, writer and director Kristen Stewart did a great performance in Welcome to the Rileys (2010) as an underage smoker and delinquent named Mallory whose real name is Allison. 90 palabras más


Kristen Stewart Nudes- All you have to see Today!

Kristen Jaymes Stewart. American actress, became famous thanks to a series of twilight movie, where she played the central role of Bella Swan. Perhaps thanks to this film and only we know Kristen Stewart, but this young actress, Catherine and only 24 years, quite a great track record. 416 palabras más


Grief and Isolation in "Personal Shopper"

Kristen Stewart stars as Maureen, a medium and personal shopper whose twin brother recently passed away. A hollowed shell of her former self, Maureen lives a life of impersonal fabric. 518 palabras más


Personal Shopper Blu-ray review: "Kristen Stewart is captivating in this original drama"

Personal Shopper stars Kristen Stewart as Maureen who, in her private life, is a medium but also works as high-fashion buyer for clients that hire her; the type of people who don’t have time to buy their own clothes and associated items. 551 palabras más

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Winter Is Coming Weekend Recap

It would be a stretch for me to say that I have any element of my life even remotely figured out right now. My wife and I learned pretty quickly that we really don’t want to live in New York City, which makes the decision to pack all our stuff up and head there questionable at best. 613 palabras más


Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper (2016) – 6/10

Immediately post viewing I wanted to give this movie a 1 or even a zero.  Felt the plot was a genre mash and a little bit silly and KS’s performance wooden and one dimensional. 92 palabras más


The Kristen Stewart Double Standard

I always roll my eyes whenever I see that an internet critic is going to review Twilight. Everybody and their mother has been criticising Twilight since 2009, there is nothing more to say about it. 2.179 palabras más