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'American Ultra' shows a lot more worse things

‘American Ultra’ shows a lot more worse things

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‘American Ultra’ shows a lot more worse things

Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg from American Ultra argue that the movie shows that there are worse things than being on dr*gs. 

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Netflix: Still Alice

Last night I decided to put a movie on while doing some stuff around the house. I saw that there was a new movie on Netflix starring Julianne Moore. 185 palabras más


American Ultra

While Jesse Eisenberg and his greasy hair extensions are the stars of American Ultra, he never amounts to anything more than an idea. As Mike Howell, a stoner with a forgotten past as a CIA guinea pig for creating super-assassins, Eisenberg portrays a collection of boy-centered comedy clichés–the dead-end retail job, an inability to leave a small town, disappointing the girlfriend he wishes to marry–as both heavily self-aware of his own loser status while being spacey and clueless enough to blunder his efforts to do anything about it. 211 palabras más


I liked American Ultra and I'm not Afraid to Say so

This isn’t the best film ever, but damn, it’s fun. Though not lyrical or technically innovative, this action-packed action film couples the tongue-in-cheek charm of a stoner flick with a more imaginative version of the plot from the Bourne films. 540 palabras más