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Teaser Trailer Pertama 'Equals'

Setelah proses yang cukup lama (film ini mulai syuting pertengahan 2014 dan sudah tayang di Festival Film Venice dan Toronto tahun 2015), akhirnya mucul juga poster dan teaser trailer untuk film ‘Equals’. 29 palabras más

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Kristen Stewart y Nicholas Hoult se duchan juntos en primer tráiler de 'Equals'

Este 11 de febrero se estrenó el primer tráiler de Equals, película de ciencia ficción, protagonizada por Kristen Stewart y Nicholas Hoult, que cuenta la historia de amor entre dos jóvenes que viven en una sociedad donde las emociones han sido eliminadas. 212 palabras más


Heartbreak Princess 11

I have just realized how long it takes to write a chapter of Heartbreak Princess. I started writing this post at 4:31 PM and now going to see how long it takes to find an image, write it, then post it (special shout out to my 30 followers). 1.081 palabras más

Kristen Stewart And Nicholas Hoult Get Emotional In The First Trailer For 'Equals'

The 5th Wave marked the moment we, as a species, officially reached Peak Dystopian Romance. “Enough!” we cried. “Enough with the gray tunics, enough with the longing glances across revolting crowds. 394 palabras más


Still Alice (2014)

A movie about Alzheimers doesn’t seem like it would set Hollywood alight. But last year Julianne Moore won the Best Actress Oscar for her role in drama… 317 palabras más


'Equals' Trailer: Kristen Stewart & Nicholas Hoult Get Naked In The Shower -- Watch

Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult find love in a hopeless place in their new movie ‘Equals.’ The sexual tension between them is so intense! Plus, they have a steamy shower scene! 326 palabras más

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Watch Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult Smolder in Trailer for Sci-Fi Drama 'Equals'

What if, in the future, everything was designed by a Ridley Scott-appointed aesthete, and what if that meant that we all wore white oxford shirts buttoned to the top, with white jackets and white pants? 170 palabras más