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Lou Diamond Phillips: No Diamond in the Rough


Not long ago, I saw Lou Diamond Phillips on a cooking show.  He was extremely likable but very competitive.  He took his cooking seriously.  He was also always “on”.   3.257 palabras más


Film Club Origins

Film Club Rule #38: Never discount your childhood as being a harbinger of things to come in your adulthood.

Heather, Jeff, and Rusty discuss their origin stories. 103 palabras más


La bamba , Limbo and happy neighbours !

When the neighbours come over to tell you they are enjoying the music you play everyday , to ask you if they could borrow your collection and to enquire about the music system you have , you just get so many reasons more to dance!! 128 palabras más


Throwback Thursdays! "La Bamba" by Los Lobos

Oh buddy, this is a big childhood favorite for this guy (this guy being me. I’m sorry was that not clear?). The original song of course was by Ritchie Valens… 113 palabras más


Ritchie Valens - Soy Capitan, Soy Capitan!

‘ was a quiet, underrated yet enormously influential member of the handful of folk visionaries who almost single-handedly created rock and roll in the Fifties’ (Lester Bangs) 1.629 palabras más


La Bamba

Sometimes, a girl just needs a good excuse for a margarita. Such is the case with this week’s film La Bamba (DVD/Download… 312 palabras más

Movie Cocktails

Xoel López

The Galicia episode of Perdóname I mentioned last time ended with a song called Tierra, by Xoel López. It’s taken from his 2012 album, … 308 palabras más

Perdóname Si No Vuelvo A Casa Esta Noche