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Playing for Change - La Bamba

One last video: I mentioned the band Los Lobos, whose concert I attended at Carnegie Hall in New York. This video features David Hidalgo and Cesar Rosas from Los Lobos (among many others) singing “La Bamba” in this Playing for Change video recorded literally all over the world:


11:02 pm

So, this weekend I saw my little sister graduate from high school and it’s not as weird as I thought it would be. What is weird is that my sister, who shall henceforth be called Jean, had written herself a letter in her freshman year of high school and she read it after her graduation. 297 palabras más

Blue Margarita

05/30/2015: Donna

47 Down: 1959 #2 hit whose flip side was “La Bamba”

“Donna” is a song sung by Ritchie Valens, featuring the 50s progression. The song was released in 1958 on Del-Fi Records. 

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Twist and Shout!

‘Ba, Ba, Bamba, Twist n Shout’ for, this one was no easy cake walk competition. In our daily challenge loaded lives, days like these are what we call… 103 palabras más


23rd April 2015: Ritchie Valens - La Bamba

Language – Spanish

Translation – ‘Bamba’ is a type of dance

A true classic, and it reminds me of my childhood :-)

Movie Night:

La Bamba (1987)

“My mom reckons I’m going to be a star. And stars don’t fall from the sky.”



Mick Jagger, having just brought out a solo album, is the cover star, as Q celebrates it’s 1st birthday.

It “celebrates” by unleashing it’s wrath on Clive James, making him the subject of their “Who the hell does …….” column. 221 palabras más