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La Bamba: Champaign, Il

After a wonderful Christmas down south in Hegewisch, we are headed further south to the Big Easy. Henna does have a bad cold but the kind folks at Effingham’s Urgent Care assured us she probably will start feeling better soon. 306 palabras más

Along The Mississippi

Minding The Generation Gap

Hi, I’m Emily. And I’m a millennial.  (Hiiiii, Emily.)

I’ve been a closet millennial for most of my life, which is a curious thing, because that’s not really something you can be in the closet about. 774 palabras más

Blog Post

La Bamba

The birthplace of this catchy tune is Veracruz, Mexico. In the U.S. we listen to it as another song and do not really interact with it unless the performer/artist adds his/her own variation. 503 palabras más


Designated Celebrity

When I was 17 (before I ever imagined I would meet famous people for a living) I was a regular teenager going to high school in Oshawa, Ontario.     498 palabras más


Today in Grateful Dead History: September 23, 1987 - The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA

Just like 1977 v. 1978, I’m always confounded by the extreme difference in tone between 1987 and 1988.  Grateful Dead shows from 1987 are exuberant affairs, full of joyous noise and an infectious spirit.   551 palabras más

Grateful Dead

Lou Diamond Phillips: No Diamond in the Rough


Not long ago, I saw Lou Diamond Phillips on a cooking show.  He was extremely likable but very competitive.  He took his cooking seriously.  He was also always “on”.   3.257 palabras más