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Weird Al Wednesday - September 2015

It’s that time again!  The first Wednesday of the month! Weird Al Wednesday is upon us again.  To think that it’s already September of 2015… my, how the time flies.  256 palabras más


La Bamba: A unique and delightful version!

A friend of a friend of a friend on Facebook posted a wonderful rendition of one of my favorite songs of all time: La Bamba, popularized in my youth by Richie Valensuela, known to rock ‘n’ roll as Richie Valens. 175 palabras más

La Bamba

Google Translate App

Very impressive stuff from the new Google Translate app.

It initially reminded me of the Word Lens app I had a couple of years ago until I found out  32 palabras más


Cover Songs and Original Songs

Why do people respond better to cover songs than to original material? That’s a perennial question and a perennial source of frustration among musicians–at least to those of us who write songs. 681 palabras más


Google Translates La Bamba For Us!!!

Have you ever heard the song La Bamba and wondered, what exactly is Richie Valens singing about?

The fine people at Google used their Translator app to give us a breakdown of the song and it’s meaning!  27 palabras más


Google,you did it again!!!

Dear World,

The Google Translate team tests their new app in 27 languages, by translating “La Bamba”. You can get this on the app store now, and make your world travels a whole lot easier! 59 palabras más