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Throwback Thursdays! "La Bamba" by Los Lobos

Oh buddy, this is a big childhood favorite for this guy (this guy being me. I’m sorry was that not clear?). The original song of course was by Ritchie Valens… 113 palabras más


Ritchie Valens - Soy Capitan, Soy Capitan!

‘ was a quiet, underrated yet enormously influential member of the handful of folk visionaries who almost single-handedly created rock and roll in the Fifties’ (Lester Bangs) 1.629 palabras más


La Bamba

Sometimes, a girl just needs a good excuse for a margarita. Such is the case with this week’s film La Bamba (DVD/Download… 312 palabras más

Movie Cocktails

Xoel López

The Galicia episode of Perdóname I mentioned last time ended with a song called Tierra, by Xoel López. It’s taken from his 2012 album, … 308 palabras más

Perdóname Si No Vuelvo A Casa Esta Noche

La Bamba Saved My Life...Er, Uh Lunch

The struggle is as old as time itself. You know the one I’m talking about. The struggle of craving some Mexican food while you are in the heart of Beijing, China. 708 palabras más


The real Richie Valens singing in a movie!

The plane crash and radio anouncement.

The commemorative postage stamp.

The day the music died, now my students understand the song a little bit better… 23 palabras más

Yo No Soy Marinero

Since my hearing impairment was diagnosed, I often ask myself two questions:

Was that person talking to me?

What did they say?

So, when a woman started talking to me yesterday at the grocery, I started with those familiar queries. 558 palabras más