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Chile sucks, I'm leaving 

As the days continue on, and the countdown for leaving Chile begins, a sense of uneasiness slowly sets in. Traveling is scary, it’s full of unknown and uncertainty. 2.043 palabras más

Following Darwin - La Campana National Park

“He who travels opens his mind to new possibilities.”

– Osama Ali

It’s one of the most relaxing things in the world, waking up to the sounds of animals calling. 407 palabras más


La Campana

Part of the whole ‘study abroad’ experience, you also get to meet new faces from all around the world. And those others are so different from one another. 2.339 palabras más

La Campana

I climbed a mountain

This is the view from the top of La Campana, which is a mountian near Santiago. I climbed it. I freaking climbed a mountain.

I went with Tristan, David, and Tom the Chilean. 310 palabras más


Mountains and Sand Dunes!

I am proud to announce that I haven’t been too touristy during my trip. However, in addition to an upcoming expedition to the Atacama Desert, I have had a few excursions worth mentioning. 478 palabras más

Citi lanza campaña de educación financiera en familia

Publicis Guatemala ejecutó la reciente campaña nacional de Citi que pretendía transmitir su compromiso en brindar educación y asesoría financiera a las familias, así como incentivar el desarrollo y la educación financiera a los hijos desde temprana edad, a través del patrocinio oficial del suplemento especializado “Vida en Familia”, que se publicó en el matutino Prensa Libre. 126 palabras más