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About ten days ago  I posted a photo of La Campana with a huge banner across the front, asking people to sign a petition in order to get the city council to reinstate its terrace permit. 62 palabras más


save la campana!

A few months ago Confituría La Campana was forced to close down its sidewalk terrace and since then it has been struggling to survive. And with little/no seating inside it will not survive. 258 palabras más


A foodie’s torturous trip through Madrid

You can’t go to Spain and not indulge yourself. It is just not possible to do so. Think about the gym when the holiday is over as for now, when in Madrid it is all about what your palate can savour! 12 palabras más


The View of a Lifetime at La Campana

On Saturday I saw an incredible sight.  I saw the whole width of Chile from just one view point!  Stretching all the way from The Andes mountain range (that marks the border with Argentina) to the coast.   350 palabras más