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Close Your Eyes & Jump.


This weekend was probably one of the best weekends of my entire life. Panama was insane! That’s the only word I can think of to describe it. 587 palabras más

Costa Rica

First Night Out In Bocas Del Toro

Last night I went out with some people I’d just met from my hostel (a girl from Iceland, a guy from there and some guys from Holland). 610 palabras más

Panama 2013/14

dartmouth is everywhere...

… Apparently even in tiny, isolated towns in Guatemala.

A few nights ago, I was going into my favorite place on the lake (La Iguana, obviously) when I saw a very familiar shirt. 90 palabras más


fully domesticated: hosting potlucks

It’s been a busy  few days…

After a trip to Crossroads Cafe in Pana–which apparently has the best coffee in Guatemala–the other interns came to our place (they’ve bitterly dubbed it “the mansion”) for a potluck on Thursday night.  180 palabras más


weird and wonderful wednesdays

The Weird:

  • Sharing my room with Teddy. Teddy is a small tarantula. We don’t really get along, but he leaves me alone, which is good. He better stay up in his corner, though, or else he will be evacuated with the utmost speed.
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>Caro - La iguana


Video – Caro – La iguana

Letra – Caro – La iguana

Tu vida es un misterio
vida mía
tu hermosura y tu armonía… 187 palabras más

La Iguana